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  • 1. Our school Kl it means key in English

2. Our garden In the afternoons we play in the garden. Boys play floorball and girls play different games. 3. Our pre-school They play all day, then they sleep or go out for a walk. They are lucky. 4. Dining roomEvery day everyone eats in ourdining room.Lunch is very good. 5. Class 1.AUpstairs there is class 1.A.In class 1.A there are 17 children.Their teacher is Mrs. Holubov. 6. Class 2.AClass 2.A is upstairs too.In class 2.A there are 16 children.Their teacher is Mrs. Ajmanov 7. Class 3.AClass 3.A is downstairs. In class3.A there are 13 children.Their teacher is Mrs. Broniov 8. Class 3.A Here we are. ea Kaka Bibi Mrs. BroniovJikaNastnka Lenka DominikPatrikLuk Filip Jik Sra Vtek 9. Class 4.AClass 4.A is downstairs too. In classthere are 14 children.Their teacher is Mrs Zrubov. 10. Class 4.A Here we are.Mrs. ZrubovMatj imon AdamJraKjaKubaMatjMatjLuk AlenkaAnetka Viky Elika Bra 11. Class 5.AClass 5.A is next to the dining room. In classthere are 12 children. 8 girls and 4 boys. 12. Ceramic workroom 13. Kites in the hall.In October weve got competition: Best Kite Award.Weve got many many participants. 14. Work on projects