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Social Work. CVs, Covering Letters, Application Forms and Interviews Natalie Smith & Amy Wiggins Careers and Employability Service. Agenda. Introduction to the Careers and Employability Service. CVs Covering letters 5 min break at 1.55 Application forms - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Social WorkNatalie Smith & Amy WigginsCareers and Employability Service

  • Introduction to the Careers and Employability Service.CVsCovering letters5 min break at 1.55Application formsInterviews


  • The purpose of a CV.What to include on a CV.Person specifications and how to tailor a CV to a job.How to make a CV clear and easy to read.What to include in a covering letter.

  • Curriculum Vitae (Latin: the course of ones life)

    An outline of a persons educational and professional history

    What is the purpose of a CV?To inform the employer about your education, work experience, skills and interestsTo sell these qualities and to persuade the employer to invite you to interview

  • When an employer asks for a CV.When an employer states apply to without specifying the format.When making speculative applications.

  • On average how long does a recruiter spend looking at a CV?

    0-30 seconds30 seconds 1 minute1-2 minutes

  • You will be given two CVs and you will have 20 seconds to look at each one and decide which one you would invite to an interview for a Social Work role.

  • End1234567891011121314151617181920

  • End1234567891011121314151617181920

  • Which one did you choose and why?

  • Personal detailsPersonal profile (optional) Education from GCSE level institutions, qualifications & dates (most recent first)Relevant work experienceWork historyOther informationReferences

  • Name (as a heading rather than CV)Address Telephone numberEmail addressMake sure this is a professional email address, not

  • Start with the most recent Dont forget your current studyMention relevant modulesYou might like to mention top marksYou dont have to put your grades on if you werent happy with themInclude the years of studyPrimary school not needed

  • Education and Qualifications

    2011 PresentUniversity of KentBA (Hons) Social Work (Predicted 2:1)Modules include: Social Work Theories, Methods and Practice, Social Work Practice in a Multi-agency Context.Highlights include:Winner of the Social Work Placement AwardAchieved 75% on child protection project.

    2009 2011Maidstone Grammar SchoolA-levels: History (A), Art (B), Information Technology (C)

    2005 2009Wrotham SchoolGCSEs: 8 GCSEs grade A-C including English and Mathematics

  • Dates, name of company, position, location.Dont just list your duties sell your skills and provide evidence. Which skills are relevant to the position/organisation you are applying to?Sales AssistantMuseum of Kent Life, Maidstone April 2010 June 2011Delivered excellent customer service as demonstrated by my mystery shop result of 91% and by receiving Sales Assistant of the Month award three times.Achieved a sales result of 5% above my target illustrating my advanced selling skills, as well as my determination to succeed.

  • What examples can you give from your work experience?If you have no paid work experience, give examples from voluntary work or from your course

  • created instructed analysed producednegotiated designed calculated maintained administered controlled reviewed observed consolidated delivered founded increasedstudied invented supplied detectedprogrammed recommended distributeddeveloped solved prepared installed selected arranged formulated solved started

  • Choose interests and activities which can demonstrate skills relevant to the job such as:

    Communication Team work Organising Commitment Your intellectual abilities

  • Ideally, one academic and previous/current employer.Ask permission from your referee and let them know what position(s) youve applied for.Use relevant references if possible.You can say references available on request rather than including contact details if you wish.

  • It is not one size fits all, you need to tailor your CV to each position you apply for.Research the organisation. Do they have a mission statement or core values? What will they be looking for in you? Check the job description/person specification.

  • What is a person specification?See example on handout.

  • Write down some evidence showing that you have the ability to work as a member of a multi-agency team, as you would do on a CV.

    5 minutes

  • The first visual impression of your CV is important.For standard CVs, use plain white A4 paper.Do not double side (?)Keep your CV to two sides of paper.Check your spelling.Use bullet points and bold font but in moderation.

  • Formatting make sure its consistent.Size 11-12 font (depending on font style).Clear font e.g. Arial, Calibri.2:1, not Two One or 2,1.Use short, concise sentences.

  • Slides are

  • Never send a naked CV!1 side of A4 similar to a UCAS personal statementOpening paragraph motivation for the jobFollowed by skills and experience developed through study, work experience and paid workMatching up with job description

  • My hobbits include - instead of 'hobbies.' I have good writen skills.i am a prefectionist and rarely if if ever forget details.I hope to hear from you shorty.In my spare time I enjoy hiding my horse.Restaurant skills: Severing customers

  • Slides:

    ***What is a speculative application?Writing to an employer who has not actually advertised a vacancy but who you hope may have one

    *If you know someone at the company, ask them for advice.

    You have a chance to show evidence of how your values match those of the company. *If you know someone at the company, ask them for advice.

    You have a chance to show evidence of how your values match those of the company.


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