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Download Customer Spotlight: Kitchen Cabinets Reno ... Oct 10, 2016 آ  Customer Spotlight: Kitchen Cabinets Reno

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    October 2016

    Customer Spotlight: Kitchen Cabinets Reno

    Get The Most From Your

    Closet Space

    How To Sell Your Home


    Fall Recipe: Savory

    Pumpkin Dip

    Cabinets Aren’t Just For Kitchens

    October To-Do List

    From Houzz

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    Customer Spotlight: Kitchen Cabinets Reno

    Owned and operated by longtime kitchen designer Sandy Tyler, Kitchen Cabinets Reno specializes in kitchen and bath remodels. Sandy created her business name based on the internet search terms that prospective customers would use.

    She’s been growing her business since 2013 and recently opened a new showroom. Sandy has built a reputation for providing creative designs to help clients take their concepts and ideas and turn them into a design plan that works for their budget.

    Before undertaking any project, they meet with homeowners to discuss their ideas, wants and needs to define the scope of the project and determine the budget. They will also help them to decide what’s best for their new living space, focusing on the maximization of space, convenience and function.

    Homeowners can choose materials from their showroom displays and supplement their selections from photos found in magazines or online. The next step is to create the 3D color rendering of the proposed design with a detailed floor plan.

    From the initial “meet and greet” to in-home consultations where measurements and photos are taken, Kitchen Cabinets Reno is there to give guidance and ensure the successful completion of the project. They’ve partnered with a team of trusted subcontractors to provide the full scope of materials for the remodel project.

    They use the highest quality materials and Sandy provides her personal expertise to all projects. She takes the time to fully understand the homeowner’s needs and budget to create a kitchen, customized to their needs.

    Visit Kitchen Cabinets Reno |

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    No matter the size of the project the crew at Kitchen Cabinets Reno is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, quality and competitive pricing on all products and services that they provide.

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    Get The Most From Your Closet Space

    You might not have the biggest closet space, but there are plenty of ways to keep your closet from bursting at the seams. Our Closets Plus line not only has all the right basics – bins, drawers, hampers and shelves – it also has items like a lazy shoe-zen and a spiral clothes rack. With plenty of colors and style options to choose from, you are able to create a closet that coordinates with the rest of the cabinets in your home and keeps you from having a messy closet.

    To get the most from your closet, you’ll want to give it a good cleaning. Once that’s done, decide how you want to store items: hanging, folded, in drawers, etc. Here are some ideas to get you started.

    Inventory: Do you really need to keep that old sweatshirt from high school or the jeans you haven’t worn in two years? Going through your closet to clean out items you don’t need or that don’t fit anymore will make room for items you actually use. It will also give you a better idea of what storage accessories you will need.

    Hanging: Most closets come with a single rod for hanging clothes. Utilize the space by adding a second rod right under your current one. You will be shocked how much your reach-in closet can hold by adding an additional rod.

    Shelving: Don’t leave a bunch of unused space in your closet! Add shelving between the bottom of hanging shirts and the floor, or along a wall. Shelves are great for handbags, folded pants and much more.

    Drawers: Skip having a dresser that takes up space in your bedroom. Add drawers to your custom closet for items you can’t hang.

    Click here to see all of the options available in Closets Plus.

    Our Facebook page is a busy place–we share customer projects, ”goings on” in the plant, product info, short videos, interesting articles and much more. Click the logo at left to join the community.

    Join Us!

    Canyon Creek began incorporating green technology into our manufac- turing in 1991. Our long-standing commitment to the environment encompasses everything from energy use, resource conservation and recycling, to low-VOC finishes and sustainable products. As a result of our focus, we were the first cabinet company awarded the KCMA’s Environmental Stewardship Program Certificate.

    Sustainable Manufacturing

    Canyon Creek Cabinet Company 16726 Tye St SE | Monroe, WA 98272




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    How to Sell Your Home Quickly Between meetings with realtors and checking your listing online, selling your home can be stressful and time consuming. In order to sell your home quickly, adopt a clean, simple vibe that will appeal to buyers and use key descriptive words to entice buyers into seeing your home.

    Recently, the Zillow Digs analysis found that a group of keywords contributed to how quickly a home sold - and how high it sold above the market value. The classic style of “shaker cabinets” was one of the most successful keywords describing homes. Other words like “farmhouse sink” and “craftsman” also ranked high. Modern luxuries such as “heated floors” attracted buyers in Seattle, WA, allowing homes to sell 28 days faster, while “outdoor kitchen” piqued buyers’ interest in Tampa, FL.

    You may love seeing your family photos up everywhere, but it makes potential buyers have a hard time picturing themselves living there. Take down or put away photos and other personal touches. This will provide a clean slate that the buyers can see themselves living in.

    Although your home may offer these popular features, a cohesive theme is important. If you have modern cabinets with rustic decor, find ways to blend the two styles so the mix looks intentional.

    Must Try Fall Recipe: Savory Pumpkin Dip If you can’t get enough pumpkin these days, make sure to try this Savory Pumpkin Dip from Gimme Some Oven.

    Ingredients: » 1 (8 oz.) brick cream cheese, softened » 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese » 1/2 cup pumpkin puree » 1/4 cup chopped toasted pecans » 4-6 slices of bacon, cooked until crispy

    and crumbled » 3 green onions, thinly sliced » 1/2 tsp. seasoned salt » 1/4 tsp. ground cinnamon » Crackers, vegetables or bread for


    The best part of this dip is how easy it is to make! Simply cook the bacon and crum- ble. Mix all the ingredients together with a spoon or an electric mixer. Sprinkle extra bacon and green onions for garnish. Serve right away or refrigerate for later.

    The pumpkin flavor isn’t overpowering but gives the dip a rich undertone everyone will love!

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    Cabinets Aren’t Just for the Kitchen & Bathroom

    When thinking about cabinets for your home there are so many opportunities outside of the kitchen and bathroom for custom cabinetry. Here are a few other spaces around the home to consider installing cabinets.

    For the serious crafters, keeping your supplies organized can be difficult. By placing drawers and shelves around your work space, you can easily access your supplies and keep ones you aren’t using hidden. Our Closets Plus line features baskets, hampers and hooks that will help organize your craft room and make it look great.

    Backpacks, coats and shoes can pile up in the mudroom. Built-in cabinets along a wall will give you plenty of options to arrange items and leave the rest of the space open and tidy.

    Basements and playrooms can become cluttered with toys, books and games. Install a media center with enough storage space to keep the clutter down. Do you always have to trek upstairs for drinks or food when spending time downstairs? Add a beverage station! These additions can also convert your basement into a “Man Cave” once the kids are out of the house.

    Our blog is full of design tips for kitchens, baths

    and other rooms. You’ll also find

    articles on current trends, sustainable living, renovation

    ideas, cabinet styles and more.

    News, Tips & Trends

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    This basement features our Lancaster door style in Crème Thermofoil. Custom cabinets are used for a media center on one wall

    and a beverage station on the other.

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    October H


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