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  • 7/23/2019 Current Affairs November 2015 Highlights


    Current Affairs November 2015 Highlights

    European Parliament gave status of whistle-blower to former NSA ontrator E!war!


    Paul "#an elete! as 5$th Spea%er of &S House of "epresentatives

    San'eev (ohant# appointe! as CE) an! (* of +abong

    Sha%ti%anta *as nominate! on ", Central ,oar! of *iretors

    National &nit# *a# observe! aross n!ia

    ,"CS nations signe! (osow *elaration for supporting (ultilateral Siene


    (inistr# of Civil Aviation release! "evise! *raft National Civil Aviation Poli#

    China aban!one! its !ea!es ol! .)ne Chil! Poli#.

    Ativist ,in!eshwar Patha% selete! for New /or% lobal ea!ers *ialogue

    Humanitarian Awar!

    ,omba# HC as%e! NEE" to stu!# "iver o!avaris pollution !uring 3umbh (ela

    ", allowe! N"s to subsribe to National Pension S#stem

    lobal 4uberulosis "eport 2015 release! b# H)

    HC 4ehnologies a6uire! C"( servies firm Power)b'ets for 277 rore rupees

    Sau!i blogger "aif ,a!awi awar!e! 2015 Sa%harov Pri8e for 9ree!om of 4hought

    C* (inistr# launhe! initiative to sprea! awareness about ,eti ,ahao ,eti

    Pa!hao Sheme

    *efene A6uisition Counil leare! militar# pro'ets worth over 12000 rore rupees

    +ohn Pombe (agufuli won the Presi!ential Eletions of 4an8ania

    Amit 3umar won silver in men.s lub throw 951 event of PC Athletis orl!


    n!ia-Afria 9orum Summit 2015 hel! in New *elhi

    Naren!ra Na#a% appointe! as (anaging *iretor of ,la%,err# n!ia

    Amaravati-Ne:t milestone in n!ia.s &rbanisation

    SC reinfore! its earlier view of No "eservation in Super Speialt# Courses in

    (e!iine Ho%e# n!ia signe! three #ears partnership with Sports Authorit# of n!ia

    ,( an! 4AS3 signe! (o& to ensure lou! tehnolog# in 4elangana olleges

    atest National Current Affairs

    &nion overnment launhes AAN; aviation navigation s#stem

    n!ia; 4a'i%istan in% 2 pats to strengthen bilateral relations

  • 7/23/2019 Current Affairs November 2015 Highlights


    n!ia; eorgia in% (o& on eletoral ooperation

    n!ia; 4ur%menistan in% < pats to enhane regional ooperation = onnetivit#

    *elhi Polie aunh Himmat hatsApp; Hi%e 9or omen.s Safet#

    )n Sirisena visit; n!ia; Sri an%a in% ivil nulear agreement

    Nag anti-tan% missile teste! from heliopter platform

    S%ill *evelopment (inistr# in%s (o& with Health = 9amil# elfare (inistr# on s%ill


    n!ia aor!e! full membership of SC) at &fa summit 2015

    S") suessfull# launhes PS>-C2? arr#ing 5 &3 satellites

    (o&s in%e! to a!!ress Chemial n!ustr#s nee! of S%ille! (anpower

    ui!elines for ,or!er Area *evelopment Programme release!

    N**, launhe! mobile appliation Pashu Poshan to boost !air# farmers. inome

    Current Affairs )tober 2015 Highlights

    SE, notifie! SE, @isting )bligations an! *islosure "e6uirements "egulations;


    ,eah resort of ,o!rum; 4ur%e#B itness to S#rian refugee risis

    &nion overnment anelle! 9C"A registration of N) reenpeae

    N4 Aa#og launhe! seon! version of n!ia Energ# Seurit# Senarios 20$ino! *asari appointe! as Presi!ent of Soiet# of n!ian Automobile (anufaturers

    (aharashtra government approve! or!inane to amen! (P*A At; 17?1

    n SPA; global alliane of 10< sunshine ountries to be launhe! in New *elhi

    11th Session of n!ia-&nite! Arab Emirates +oint Commission meet onlu!e!

    4ripura !ei!e! to implement National 9oo! Seurit# At

    Air n!ia won uru 4egh ,aha!ur Ho%e# title after < #ears

    (anipur government han!e! over D7 ares lan! for National Sports &niversit#

    aw Commission of n!ia submitte! report on Earl# Chil!hoo! *evelopment an!

    egal Entitlements "eliane Communiations t! tie! up with +asper to offer nternet of 4hings servies

    in n!ia

    Senior 3anna!a writer *r( ( 3alburgi passes awa#

    n!ia pithes for anti-terror treat#; &NSC reforms

    Latest Current Affairs September

  • 7/23/2019 Current Affairs November 2015 Highlights


    9ifteenth AA9 orl! Championships in Athletis onlu!e! in ,ei'ing

    Eminent 3anna!a writer *r (( 3alburgi shot !ea! in *harwa!

    4ennis Pla#er Nova% *'o%ovi appointe! as oo!will Ambassa!or of &NCE9

    &S !esignate! A8i8 Ha66ani as global terrorist &nion Cabinet approve! signing of agreement between n!ia an! Afghanistan

    ealth-F release! the list of 4op 20 ealthiest People &n!er 5

    A, !e >illiers bro%e Sourav angul#.s reor! of fastest ?000 )* runs

    N4 Aa#og launhe! seon! version of n!ia Energ# Seurit# Senarios 20$


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