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Current AffairsCurrent Affairs: GlobalCurrent Affairs- Global 2011 wheresjenny.comVocabularyWorld-wide: extending across the worldA global scale: something which has influence of impact across the world.Natural disasters: earthquakes, floods, volcanoes- natural events which cause a lot of damage.Child marriage: Where children are given in matrimony before marriageable age.Discovery : A thing found out for the first time.Current Affairs- Global 2011 EnglishFrenchWorld-widemondialementA global scale lechelle mondialNatural disastersDes catastrophes naturellesChild marriagele mariage des enfantsDiscovery dcouverteVocabulary English : FrenchCurrent Affairs- Global 2011 wheresjenny.comGlobal AffairsCurrent Affairs- Global 2011 wheresjenny.comJapan earthquakeCurrent Affairs- Global 2011 wheresjenny.comChild brideChild marriage effects young nepali girls because of poverty and illiteracy. About 51% of Nepalese who marry as children said by UNICEF.Current Affairs- Global 2011 wheresjenny.comKepler- 22bNASA discovers Earth like new planet Kepler -22b which is 2.4 times size of Earth.Current Affairs- Global 2011 wheresjenny.comFerrari Italo Italys first private high-speed train near Naples, called it the most modern train in Europe unveiled by Ferrari boss Lucida Montezmolo.Current Affairs- Global 2011