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CULTURAL herbaceous ornamental cultivars. A native plant, definition. A cultivar wich has been cultivated before scientific breeding The cultivar is at least 100 years old Selection of native plants, been under the influenced by combination of people and nature - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • CULTURAL herbaceous ornamental cultivars

  • A native plant, definitionA cultivar wich has been cultivated before scientific breedingThe cultivar is at least 100 years oldSelection of native plants, been under the influenced by combination of people and natureAdapted to local cultivation and climateWide and rich genetic backgroundBreeding is based on native plants

  • Cultural cultivars of FinlandFruitsSmall appleorchards in Alvastra, Sweden 2 000 B.CFirst appltrees 1500 A.D. TurkuLepaa manor, first appletrees at 1600 A.D.Cold winter 1709 and almost every fruit tree died1700 century, nobility and vigarage grow fruits at the end of 1800 century also farmers grow fruits

  • Cultural cultivars of FinlandVegetables, herbs and beetsTurnip, (burn over cultivation) is the oldest cultivarPea (Pisum sativum) 1000 1100 A.D near by HmeenlinnaNettle (Urtica dioica) is the oldest fiberplant

  • Cultural vegetables and herbs1673 Catalogus Plantarum, TurkuOnions, leek, anise, artichoke, asparagus, redbeet, cabbage, swede, Carum carvi (kirveli), chicory, korianteri, cucumberplant, melon, moiliainen, Indian lettuce, bean, tupakka, lettuce, Humulus lupulus, meirami, mint, turnip, parsnip, parsley, pea, paisuruoho, retikka, horseradish, rhubarb, ajuruoho

  • Cultural cultivars`Lapin puikula` potatoOval shape, different colorsOrnamental cultivarsSyringa vulgaris 1728 TurkuCaragana arborescens 1720Herbaceous perennials, 50 years or older

  • Cultivars route in FinlandNobilityTurku AcademyManors, vicarages and town homes gave ornamental plants to maids when they became hostesses to farmer housesPharmacists had an important role Finally, 100 years ago, cultivars arrived at farmers homes

  • Ornamental cultural cultivarsAchillea long flowering time, end of summerAconitum Aconogonon (Persicaria) x fennicumAquilegia CampanulaDelphinium

  • More cultivarsDianthusDicentraDictamnus be carefulDigitalis Geranium good coverage, weed controlHemerocallisIrisLilium old cultivar in micropropagation

  • And more cultivarsPaeonia sensiteve plantingPhlox Saponaria soap

  • Cultural cultivars at nowadaysMore interest on cultural plantsConservation to continue living togetherTransforming and accommodation on the living placeCrossing with local nativeplants Selektive climet conditions

  • Benefits of cultural cultivarsPerfect accomodation on local climateLow requirements for maintenance Winter hardinessHealthy cultivarsQualityTraditional valuesGenetic richness

  • Conservation of cultural cultivarsShould be grown near original deposits because Still transformingCross pollination with local native plantsCross pollination with other autochtonous cultural cultivarsAccommodation to local conditions

  • Supply of cultural plantsCultural or breeded The name doesnt tell the history of cultivar Ask is it autochthonous and what is the originAsk also who has propagated the cultivar

  • Cultural ornamentals in the gardenNatural gardenSelected cultivarsEcological plants, what kind of productionClose consideration of planning -> less need for managementSuccesful in places with low nutrient valueTolerance against drynessRight cultivar in the right placeGardens growing conditions is always the starting-point

  • Useful contactsLooking from plants side, Your self is the best contactFind out where are the cultural cultivars of your home areaPlant in your garden or sow in to the kitchen gardenLive together living conservationAssociation, society or organization

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