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  • 1. Green Seed Credentials Prepared ForNew Client Date Q4 2010 Prepared By Green Seed North America

2. The Green Seed Group is a unique, international consulting network, specializing in the food & drink retail sector. Our core services include international business and brand strategy, market research, sales and marketing solutions. With country offices strategically located throughout Europe & North America, Green Seed offers the highest level of in-house expertise, industry-relevant methodologies, value, accuracy, on time deliverables and uncompromised service. We Advise, We Execute & We Deliver The Green Seed GroupGreen Seed Group Overview 3. Our Philosophy 2. Strategic Planning 1. Market Knowledge To work as an extension of the client team in-market. Always be open, direct and impartial yet passionate about food and beverages, delivering action-oriented results Green Seed Group Overview 4. Green Seed Idea2. Strategic Planning 1. Market Knowledge Incubate Grow Green Seed Group Overview 5. A Growing Network

  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany (covering Austria/Switzerland)
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Denmark (covering Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland)
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • UK
  • USA (covering Canada)

Green Seed Group Overview 6. Doing business since 1991Green Seed Group Overview 7. Green Seed USA: Success and Achievements

      • US sales per year
  • Green & Blacks 0 - $30m(01 to 06)
  • Quorn 0 - $27m(02 to date)
  • Siggis 0 - $7m(07 to date)
  • Materne GoGo squeeZ 0 - $6m (07 to date)
  • Dorset Cereals 0 - $2m(07 to 09)

8. Green Seed Our 14 strong team

  • We advise, we execute, we deliver

David - AdviceStrategy & Insight team Neil - Execution & ResultsBusiness Management team 9. Our sales and marketing team: National coverage and management of Broker, Distributor, Retailer, End User Management of client brand plans, budget management, & trade marketing execution Green Seed Team 10. Strategy & Insights, Operations 11. Case Study :Market Roll Out: Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate

  • Situation : Green & Blacks wanted to extend its retail distribution from the niche Specialty channel into the Natural and Grocery channels and deepen the brands market penetration
  • Action :Green Seed was the outsourced sales & marketing department before going in-house with Cadbury
  • Result :Green Seed drove Green & Blacks to 90% distribution in natural and 30% distribution in premium grocery, growing the brand from $15m in just three years.

Green Seed Group Overview 12. Case Study :Materne Applesauce-Pre-Market Launch Planning

  • Situation :Client wanted to launch applesauce in the US targeted at moms of young children.
  • Action :Green Seed initially tested concept with US customers to gauge interest. Green Seed managed in-market the packaging design process. Then organized qualitative research groups where the product was exposed to moms in target regions to assess: overall appeal, packaging, brand name, key message communication, taste, flavors and purchase interest.. In addition, Green Seed worked with Nielsen to design an in-store study to confirm that packaging was impactful at shelf.
  • Result :Client successfully adapted product/packaging for US market and is now gaining distribution and market share with a highly differentiated and compelling product proposition.

Green Seed Group Overview 13. Case Study :Icelandic Milk & Skyr Company - A US start up

  • Situation :Client had a great brand concept & wanted to commercialize it
  • Action :Green Seed team developed business strategy and plan, then established co-manufacturing arrangements and facilitated customer contacts
  • Result :Green Seed has two board members and runs the outsourced sales function, delivering national sales distribution in Whole Foods & the US natural food channel, rolling out into the mass market in 2010.

Green Seed Group Overview 14. Case Study :Quorn- From Seed to Harvest

  • Situation :Client wanted to launch the successful European meat-free brand into the US market
  • Action :Client worked with Green Seed team to plan market entry: identify the optimal launch range through qualitative and quantitative research, target and meet with key customers and establish the supply chain. The Green Seed team are the in market Quorn business.
  • Result :Currently, Quorn has US retail sales of $27m with a growth rate of 24%. The Green Seed team manages US sales, marketing, market insight and customer service.

Green Seed Group Overview 15. Our Services 2. Strategic Planning 1. Market Knowledge 2. Strategic Planning 1. Market Research 3. Sales Execution 4. Marketing Support

  • Trade & Consumer Insight
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Trends & Developments
  • Scanner Data (IRI/SPINS)
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Product Proposition Evaluation
  • Sales & Profitability Projections
  • Partner Search & Introduction
  • Sales Strategy & Planning
  • Broker Selection and Management
  • Channel & Category Planning
  • Key Account Management
  • Brand Planning
  • Trade & Consumer Promotion
  • Event Management
  • Public Relations

Green Seed Group Overview We Advise, We Execute & We Deliver 16. Our marketing activity focus We have a roster of local partners to execute activity 17. Green Seed Group Market Entry Process DISCOVER CREATE PLAN VALIDATE LAUNCH TRACK

  • Evaluate product concept for US market based on Opportunity Assessment findings.
  • Identify US based pack design agencies, if required, and brief and manage design process to establish packaging and US proposition.
  • PLAN
  • RecommendMarket Entry Strategyincluding product proposition, price, range, channel strategy.Provide detailed rollout plan includingPartner Search,retailer recommendations, sales & profitability projections.
  • ConductOpportunity Assessmentto provide an overview of the category in the US and assess the size of the market opportunity.
  • ProvideRoute to Market Overviewto outline the US retail and supply chain structure and begin to determine what is the optimal route to market.
  • Provide analysis of monthly/quarterly consumption and sales data for fact-based selling tools and management review.
  • ConductQualitativeorQuantitative Researchto validate product proposition, price, pack with US consumers and understand category need gaps and opportunities.
  • ProvideSales Account ManagementandMarketing Execution .Act as in-market Sales & Marketing team to ensure smooth launch and drive ongoing growth and profitability through effective account management, trade and consumer marketing activities and business management.

Green Seed Group Overview 18. Food & Beverage Industry Resources

    • Contacts and Trade Relationships
    • Importers, Distributors and Brokers
    • Retail & Foodservice buyers
    • Participation in key trade shows
    • Syndicated Data
    • Sales data from in-house IRI Analyzer database
    • Natural channel sales data available from SPINS
    • Consumer Insights
    • Purchase behavior from IRI panel data
    • Consumer focus groups
    • Quantitative research
    • Secondary Resources
    • Government agencies and Trade Associations
    • Industry publications and databases

Green Seed Group Overview 19.

  • We look forward to helping you grow your business
  • We Advise, We Execute & We Deliver.
  • Green Seed Group LLC
  • 12 Avery Place
  • Westport, CT 06880
  • Tel: (203) 226-6577
  • Fax:(203) 226-6517
  • Email:[email_address]