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  • Creating Sustainable Supply Chain

    byDavid Morrell BSc MCIHT

    Group Head of Sustainability

  • Our Challenge

  • Our Business ~ Overview

    Founded in 1885 by Solomon Marshall

    Public Limited Company

    Member of FTSE4Good

    358.5m turnover Y2014


    Head Offices in West Yorkshire

    Data source: Marshalls plc Annual Report 2014

  • Group of Brands

    47 Operational sites, including 20 Quarries in Britain

    1 Sourcing / Export office in China 2 Operational sites in Europe

    6 Brands6 BrandsBusiness Superbrand

    Regionally locatedtriangulating the UKFalkirk Sittingbourne Bleadon

    Supplying concrete and natural stone paving and walling for commercial & domestic use togetherwith street furniture & drainage products

    Data source: Marshalls plc Annual Report 2014, Marshalls Environmental KPI Report 2015

  • Marshalls Business Model

    Marshalls regards Corporate Responsibility as a journey in the course of which it aims to align its business values, purpose and business values, purpose and strategy with the social, environmental and economic needs of our stakeholders, whilst embedding sustainable and ethical business policies and practices in everything we do.

  • Marshalls Business Model




  • Integrity & Ethics

    UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights: Implementing the United Nations PROTECT, RESPECT & REMEDY Framework

    State has a duty to PROTECTBusiness has responsibility to RESPECT with due diligence to avoid infringing and addressing harms that do occurIndividual has access to effective mechanisms to seek REMEDY against any infringement

  • Case StudyProduct Journey

  • Case StudyMarshalls Indian Sandstone

    Supply Chain ~ Getting Started

    Understand the Issues customers other stakeholders supply chain

    Develop Practical Solutions

    Go Beyond Ethical Auditing

    Share Best Practice

  • Case StudyUnderstanding the Issues

  • Case StudyMap the supply chain to raw

    material extraction

  • Case StudyMap the supply chain to

    packaged product

  • Starting out: Need to understand the supply chain Engage with suppliers to improve

    Case StudyStarting Out

    Encourage & Support

  • Do nothing!

  • ... accepted that slave labour was the

    Would you want to buy from, or work for, a company that ...

    labour was the cultural norm

    in somecountries from where it purchased goods?

  • ... directly or indirectly employed

    Would you want to buy from, or work for, a company that ...

    employed children who worked for 14 hours a day?

  • ... blamed sub-contractors when

    human rights abuses

    Would you want to buy from, or work for, a company that ...

    human rights abuses were publicly

    identified in its supply chain?

  • ... accepted that bribery and

    corruption was

    Would you want to buy from, or work for, a company that ...

    corruption was acceptable - as long as you got

    away with it?

  • Addressing the issues

  • Addressing the wider Social issues

  • Addressing the issues

  • Addressing the issues

  • Addressing the Supply issues

  • bringing the team together

    supply chain owners

    Addressing the issues

    supply chain ownersprocurement

    programme managersNGO / Trade Union


    best practice advisors


  • Integrity & Ethics

  • Commitment from your Business Why are you doing it?

    Build stable and trusted supply chain partners Review procurement practices in your supply chain

    Invest in the resources to understand the micro and macro issues in your supply chain

    7 lessons to share ...

    macro issues in your supply chain Consider the route cause of the issues?

    Consider your sphere of influence Target resource where it will make the biggest change

    Investigate best practice approaches Remember these may be from outside your business / sector

    Dont forget to communicate your journey Ensure your Customers are engaged

    Dont stop, do measure / monitor / review / learn /share

  • Integrity & Ethics

    Collectively we can make a difference ...

    Thank you

    David MorrellGroup Head of Sustainability



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