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Courier Services

COURIER SERVICESINTRODUCTION:From the time immemorial we find that we have provisions for formal or informal organized or in organized services for posting betters. Till the development of transportation services. We used animals for sending messages, & betters. Then mail was carried by runners or carriers who journeyed on foot, horses, camel & by bullock carts & horse carriages & country boats. At that time their was no regular system of carrying parcels but with the development of transport facilities like railways it become possible to deliver mails, betters, to distinct placers shortly & safely. But the prime focus is that the development of transportation Systems helped the department of posts in improving their quality of service & being in-expensive in nature the services of post department serve the socio-economic sector. But with increasing pressure of work & decreasing efficiency, the dept failed in managing mailing services which made it essential that an alternative system emerges to cater to the changing needs of trades as well as domestic sector, and hence courier services came into existence. Number of format & informal organizations started offering the services at regional national & international levels. The different categories of users has no option than depending on this private services though they are expensive Since there are number of well established stations both at national & international level it is important that they manage services professionally so that services prove remunerative to organizations & offer table to users. The attitude exploitation by users needs a departure. This is due to the heavy charges of company for services insights that some times they even fail to provide quality services. Hence Application of proper marketing principles in courier would make the ways for quality improvement & cost-effective. COURIER MARKETING:CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK:It is a managerial process that helps in managing the courier organizations in the face of changing market conditions. It is a planned effort that makes possible an optimal development of courier organization. It is a social process that draws attention on offering conventional & subsidized services to the selected segments that deserve it, & hence prove to be a devised to promote business by using fair practices. It is a professionalized game that require professional excellence to make the service nationally & internationally competitive [by means of prices & quality] It is a customer-satisfaction-engineering that makes the ways for winning & keeping the customer for the long time to come.


Courier Services

Rational behind Courier Marketing Justification for applying Marketing principles It is right to mention that conceptualization marketing makes the ways for satisfying the users which happens to be most important thing for increasing the market share & level of profits. Proper & innovative marketing mix can be helpful in developing & perceiving new perception of quality which makes possible quantitative improvements. Generation of profits & customer satisfaction are the two important dimensional, which have avenues for multi dimensional quantitative-cum qualitative improvements in the process, since marketing focuses on professional excellence the courier organization can be successful in projecting there fair image. Hence it is clear that application of marketing principles will benefit the courier organizations in many ways. Many leading organizations are found to be practicing innovative marketing. MARKETING MIX FORMULATION While making marketing mix, the courier companies require to make services competitive which make services competitive which makes it essential that the courier organizations conceptualize marketing in such a way that the process of qualitative-cum-quantities transformation are activated in the face of emerging business conditions. PRODUCT MIX Dispatching Letters, packets (Inland) Courier Service Dispatching Letters, Packets (Foreign) Dispatching Valuable Documents, paper Dispatching Boxes (Inland) Dispatching Boxes (Foreign) Product Mix


Courier Services The service needs to study the behavioural profit of users so as to meeting the changing requirements of users & hence market segmentation is important while formulating a marketing mix Computation makes it essential that the courier organizations should design a sound product mix which can help then in understanding changing behaviour needs & requirements of different segments of users, on prospects & the service profiles would be made user friendly. Innovations must be done to cater the changing behaviour & needs & attractions to the core services will help in attracting customers, these will require professional excellence & well developed information systems. Professionals will easily make out the changing trends in business. With the industrialization & globalization user needs support of courier services at different stages moreover inefficient of post department has not left any option in front of users. Thus stimulation of demand makes it essential that the customers get the services which are not to be made by post departments. Here comes the role of Innovative services & additional services. Ordinary betters and valuable documents should not be discriminated. Especially in terms of time-honored & safe delivery. Organizations need to minimize time limit since it is an imp. Factor of courier service. Organizations should develop a package especially for the habitual & large size customers. The boxes, letters, packets should reach out to the users / parties onetime in safe condition.

Professionals needs to make it sure that promised services should reach out to the users without distortion. We cant neglect that users has high expectations as they are paying high. Courier services is influenced by quality, they offer hence it is essential that in a product mix they assign due weightage to the different supporting services they need from transportation & communication network. Maximum small courier service organizations are operational but they lack strong supportive network which is envisioning the image of courier services, which need to be revised by leading organizations by keeping strong support of supporting services like transport & communication and formulate strong supporting network. Scope: With the expansion of job markets in the urban areas we find a large scale migration of rural population to the urban areas. This generates profitable business for the courier organizations even in the rural areas & therefore efforts should be made to target these customers too. While formulating product mix they are required to make service portfolio which includes both high profit generating as well as low profit generating services hence there is a requirement of world class professional engaged to market services.


Courier Services

PROMOTION MIX: Your quality services lack any meaning unless the target prospects know about the same. You need to formulate a sound service formulate a sound service profite & to use different constituents of promotion in such a faction that the prospects are informed sensed & persuaded in a creative way. For these we have to use different tools of promotion mix: ADVERTISING: Advertise play effective role in promoting business. In present sopnisticated era advertising is more instrumental in promotion of courier services. There are several options like print media, Broadcast media & telecast media. Professionals are responsible for choosing the effective media according to their requirement, budget & target customers. For courier services print media is supposed to be more useful as the sophistication in the development of print technology opened the door for creativity. The print media like Newspaper, magazines are cheaper & have wide approach as it is used by majority of all segments of users. In addition it provides opportunity of making descriptive ads to inform details about services, and frequency of adds Attractive slogans can attract people. Broad casting may also be used by the organizations. Because it is costly in nature telecast media cant be suitable for small organizations inspite of it is effective & its reach to all segment. PUBLICITY: - Being an unpaid form of persuasive communication, the publicity makes it essential to develop good relation network with media people so that they can write articles on the services in business organizations need to satisfy them. PERSONEL SELLING: - Courier services may be successful in promoting business in right fashion if the sales people have good communication ability. The organizations [Large size] may engage agents, trade representatives, with good personality & communication skills to transform dialogues into deal. WORD OF MOUTH PROMOTION:-If courier organization offers world class services to the users, it is but natural that they remain satisfied they will tell to their friends & relatives & hence will act as a hidden sales force. Ultimately rewards are given to the quality services offer to customers. SALES PROMOTION: Organizations need to think innovative to satisfy sales personnel, marketing personnel & to users of services, they can offer gifts, attractive packages, discounted services to the habitual users etc. TELEMARKETING:The information regarding to the services, the queries, confusions of customers can be entertain on telephones. Hence organization should recruit a person with good communication skills to entertain people on phone & convince the users.


Courier Services

PRICE MIX:In Indian perspective pricing decisions become cr


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