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Costume In Thriller MoviesBy Ajay Ladwa

Matrix - NeoNeo, even though he is the protagonist, he is still wearing black. This maybe because of it is their uniform wearing all black. Just as Morpheus and Trinity, they both wear black as well.

Rambo 2008 MovieHes wearing a blue top, which has a mixture of emotion/thoughts. Blue can be peaceful and calmness. However, in this case, blue would show a lot of power and control of everything. ( As Abbas had researched)

Alan Grant Jurassic park 3He is wearing mainly blue, so this would mean that in the film he has a lot of power and respect from everyone else.

Coincidently the dinosaurs are blue as well, this also means as the villains they also have a lot of power (these dinosaurs are similar to a hitman)

John Doe Se7en

The killer is wearing a white shirt, but on top of that is a lot of blood on him. Hes wearing formal clothes. He has a white top on according to research, it is to prove innocence, but it would be hard for him to be innocent, due to the fact that he is covered with blood.

Joker - BatmanHe is wearing a very dark coloured suit, with the looks of a great quality material. He is wearing leather gloves, it would go good with his dark purple blazer/long coat. Blue shirt a mixture of emotions/thought just like the Joker, he is very unpredictable and he has mood swings.