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Welcometo Krauthammer by Krauthammer International

by Krauthammer International


Behaviour changefor sustainable improvements in results

What do we commit to?

Through training, coaching and consulting by Krauthammer International

A vital deliverable: Permanent behaviour change, for distinctive performance improvement.

We are best at the blend of the individual, team and corporate dimensions, deploying the integrated and distinct crafts of training, coaching and consulting.07/09/20102Everything starts and ends with peopleWhat belief could we share?

by Krauthammer International

by Krauthammer International

by Krauthammer International

Everything starts and ends with people. Organizations are contributing communities of people, not merely vehicles for making money. People who are working together to improve their own life and the lives of the ones they feel responsible for, including family, colleagues, clients, suppliers or shareholders.The task of management is not, primarily, to improve figures, products, systems or processes.Management is about helping people succeed.07/09/20103

Bringing out the best in people

How can we contribute?Living performance by Krauthammer International

Our core purpose summarizes our dream. It is the description of our best imaginable contribution based on our shared passion and beliefs: Bringing out Facilitating the awareness and application the best of the unique talents in available to people. organisations, teams, individuals.

To capture the essence of Krauthammer in just a few words, heres our strap line: Living performance.Krauthammer is about organic, emotional, alive and kicking people-stuff AND about hard-nosed, compelling and sustainable results.We combine the desire for measurable gain of the entrepreneur with the passion for superb interaction of the coach.


Achievable? Yes, because...Our guiding principleGiven the right conditions and attitude, people are capable of significant personal growth by Krauthammer International

With our belief in mind, our guiding principle is that given the right conditions and attitude, people are capable of significant personal growth.

5In our DNA

by Krauthammer International

KISS tools and concepts sound pragmatismUnder the skin positive confrontationGlobal consistency, local intimacy passionate internationalismLasting impact sustainably, through people by Krauthammer International

You will find in our DNA:A sound pragmatism via KISS tools and concepts We will gladly set and take the so what? test. One who takes the mystery out of commonsense. Krauthammer quite simply acts as a transformer of knowledge, translating complexity into simple and direct keys.Under the skin Prepare for someone who confronts compassionately, who, with stamina and diligence, seeks to get to the heart of the matter. Someone who is inquisitive, responsible, direct and courageous. Krauthammer activities enable people to discover and master the impact of their behavioural styles. All with the aim of optimising competence and performance.Global consistency, local intimacy Prepare for a passionate internationalits. One who seeks to navigate from local impact to global amplitude, and who is fluent in a universally applicable practice and philosophy. Shared messages and methods, customised by local teams, ensure that international coherency meets cultural specificity, all within a professionally engineered operational system.

This give us a distinctive identity, our DNA. Which will create for you Lasting Impact. . In all interventions, a transfer process of several months of application on the job allows all players to leave the comfort zone and to permanently integrate new knowledge. To ultimately take ownership of this in the form of new practices and attitudes. The impact of our interventions is measured in a way that is cost effective and solid.6

Our heart Krauthammer UniversityNew colleagues,initial educationBoardingOur people, our strategyDevelopingWith specialists, clients, strategic partnersExchanging by Krauthammer International

by Krauthammer International

by Krauthammer International

Krauthammer has a philosophy of life-long learning at the very core of its culture. Our consultants receive up to four weeks of intense training per year at Krauthammer University, enhancing their training, leadership, sales and negotiation skills and knowledge. In their first two years, new consultants receive up 50 days of training annually. They are coached on individual goals and receive mentoring from senior consultants. All employees, regarding of tenure, are coached on their personal development. A total of 10% of Krauthammer's turnover is spent on educating our own employees. This directly benefits our clients, who receive the best possible global training programmes based on 40 years of international experience.7 by Krauthammer International

ChinaBeijngHongkongUnited StatesAtlantaBrasilSao PauloSverigeStockholmSuomiHelsinkiUnited KingdomLondonesk RepublikaPrahaPolskaWarszawaMagyarorszgBudapestSlovenskoBratislavaRomnia BucuretiRepublika SlovenijaLjubljanaMoscowAthinaTrkiyeIstanbulItaliaMilanoEspaaBarcelonaMadridPortugalLisboaNederlandNoordwijkDeutschlandHamburgBelgique/BelgiBrusselsFranceNantesParisLyonLilleStrasbourgAix-en-ProvenceSuisse/SchweizGenveZrichWhere can you meet us?Since 1971Grown to 31 offices and partnersIn 23 countriesWith 245 fully employedconsultants and staffDelivering in 23 native languagesIn 55 countries

by Krauthammer International

by Krauthammer International

Established in 1971. Currently we have 24 offices in 16 countries with 245 fully-employed consultants and staff. Delivering in 23 lanuages in 55 countries all over the world.

Embedded offices Belgium Brussels Brasil Sao Paolo China Beijing and Hong Kong Czech Republic Prague France Aix-en-Provence, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Paris, Strasbourg Germany Hamburg Hongary BudapestItaly Milan Netherlands Noordwijk Poland Warsaw Slovakia Bratislava Spain Barcelona and Madrid Sweden Stockholm Switzerlands Geneva and Zrich United Kingdom London United States Atlanta

Official krauthammer consultant Helsinki (supported by the Stockholm office)

Partnerships (certified franchisee) Athens Istanbul Lisbon Ljubljana

Freelancers (certified freelancer) Moscow Bucharest8How will we work together?Our services are organised around your business needs and learning populations

LearningDevelopmentChange by Krauthammer International

SymbolsArrows = results, improvementDots = individuals/groups, target groups, practices

Service line LearningAn individual set of interventions (training, coaching, assessment, e-services). Year round availability.Service line DevelopmentA collective flow of interventions. Long term.Service line ChangeA collective fixed intervention. Defined time period.

9 by Krauthammer International

In a nutshell...LearningOur (individual) focus - Supporting you to develop your people through a broad, consistent portfolio

Delivered year-round, by Krauthammer specialists

Your gain - Behaviour change in a timely and sustainable wayDevelopmentOur (collective) focus Supporting you to develop and roll-out smart, sustainable internal development paths

Intervening long-term

Blending your, Krauthammer and other specialists

Your gain A continuous learning organisationChangeOur (collective) focus Supporting you to deliver major change programmes

Intervening in a defined period of time

Blending your and Krauthammer specialists

Your gain Sustainable and distinctive improvements in performance by Krauthammer International

The blocks come one by one.You click once and the Learning block appears; you click on the hyperlink within the word Learning and you go to the Learning slides.

The last slide of Learning (slide 15) contains the word Back. Click on it and you will go back to this slide. Click again and you will get the block Development. You click on the hyperlink within the word Development and you go to the Development slides.

The last slide of Development (slide 19) contains the word Back. Click on it and you will go back to this slide. Click again and you will get the block Change. You click on the hyperlink within the word Change and you go to the Change slides.10How do we address your needs?

by Krauthammer International

LearningConnecting between clients need and ndividual learning solutionTraining, coaching, and blended interventionsEvaluating and following-up by Krauthammer International

1 Connecting = Connecting between clients need and solution prescribed.Who? When? Where? What practices? Leadership and management, Entrepreneurship and sales, Cross functional themesWhat modality will best suit the person? Training (acquire/develop skills), Coaching (guide/challenge on the job), Assessment (evaluate potential), E-services (distance learning), A blend of the above for optimised impact? What should s/he focus at (strenths and improvements points) ? A first diagnosis will raise participants awareness and this is can be done through Online/Offline feedback tool: 361, 4LS Evaluation, E-surveys, Assessment centre

2 Building up competences = Online / Offline learning plan through...Positively confrontational, all Krauthammer crafts enable participants to discover and understand the impact their behaviour has on their environment, their communication styles, attitudes, strengths and pitfalls, with the aim of optimising their relational competence levels. Coaching - 5 steps path : Personalised guidance, usually i