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  • 1. 7 Unconventional yet Cool Wedding Theme Ideas By Bensalem Township Country Club

2. Every bride wants to look her best on her big day. Surely, your wedding is one of the most memorable and happening time of your life. For most people, it happens once, so you want to make sure everything from the flowers to the champagne, the wedding dress to the silver china, is perfect. One of the first things you need to decide is the wedding theme, because thats what can help you decide how far you can go with it on the desired wedding reception venue. Here are some unconventional wedding theme ideas that can pump up your big day and make it a fun filled memorable day with family, friends, loved ones and of course, your spouse. 3. Backyard Party: This theme can have lots of flowers, colorful hangings, balloons, beautiful flower arrangements, hats and delicious fresh drinks. 4. Picnic Party: Light snacks such as sandwiches, salads and tortillas, cookies, tarts and delicious pies, with cocktails and mimosa. The venue can be a public park, or your backyard. Use pretty flowers and picnic games to add more fun to the day. 5. Beach Wedding: The best thing about a beach theme wedding is the vibrant colors, sea, sand and the sun. Giveaways can be sun block, soaps or hats. While the food can have mocktails, mimosa and fresh juices. Use daisies for the arrangements and yellow and white roses for the bright and light look. 6. Tropical Wedding: Tropical calls for fresh seasonal fruit juices, fruit bars, mango ice cream, and a vanilla and pineapple flavored wedding cake with butter icing. You can go with tropical hibiscus to add the tropical touch to the arrangements. 7. Rustic Wedding: Give your wedding a rustic, vintage and bohemian touch by keeping it on an outdoor venue such as your backyard or a forest, abundant with natural beauty. Wooden benches, trees, flowers and your favorite music with great food are the perfect things for a rustic wedding. You can also choose farm; this wont require you to make efforts with the arrangements. 8. Purple Wedding: For the more adventurous brides, purple is the color to choose for your wedding theme. Combine purple with pinks and creams to give a more subtle and romantic look to the entire dcor. Use purple tulips or gladiolus and purple berries and grapes in the dessert bar to finish the look. 9. Pastel Wedding: With soft pastels throughout the theme including the brides dress and those of the bridesmaids, this can be the perfect summer wedding theme. Use soft pastels for table covers with silver china. Have vanilla and peach macaroons for dessert. 10. These wedding ideas are fun and exciting for couples who like to be adventurous and keep it chic. The type of theme you decide can help you decide the right wedding reception venue; whether you want it outdoors in a club or indoors in a banquet hall. Weigh the pros and cons; your budget against your 11. If you are looking Wedding Halls in Bensalem so feels free to contact Bensalem Township Country Club who is offering best Banquet Halls with best Golf Club of the Town for more details feels free to visit