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  • Cookie

    Crumb Crust

    You can eat cookies as is and enjoy it with

    other desserts as well. The best way to do

    that is to make a cookie crust for

    cheesecakes, ice cream cakes, tarts and

  • pies. As the base for these desserts, cookies

    fulfil their culinary use rather ingeniously and

    effectively. Its like having two desserts in one with these combinations.

    To make a cookie crust, select first the

    cookie that will complement the flavors of

    the ice cream cake, cheesecake or pie.

    You can use just about any cookie as long

    as they are crunchy. You want a sturdy

    crust to be able to take all these desserts,

    which the crumbs of the crunchy cookies

    can produce.

    Use chocolate sandwich cookies, graham

    crackers, ginger snap, butter cookies,

    vanilla wafer or shortbread cookies to

    make your cookie crust. More unusual

    cookie crust alternatives include chocolate

    chip cookies (the chips may be a bit

    distracting, unless youre having a chocolate tart) and amaretti cookies for an

    Italian-inspired tart. You can also use