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  • r Contemporary


    Eighth Edition

    Gareth R. Jones

    Jennifer M. George Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business Rice University



  • Chapter 1 Managers and Managing

    AMANAGER'S CHALLENGE Tim Cook Succeeds Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple 3


    Overview 5

    What Is Management? 5 Achieving High Performance: A Managers Goal 5 Why Study Management? 7

    Essential Managerial Tasks 8 Flanning 8 Organizing 10 Leading 11 Controlling 11 Performing Managerial Tasks: Mintzberg's Typology 12

    Levels and Skills of Managers 12

    Levels of Management 14

    Managerial Skills 15

    Recent Changes in Management Practices 18

    Restructuring and Outsourcing 18 Empowerment and Self-Managed Teams 20

    Challenges for Management in a Global Environment 21

    Building Competitive Advantage 22 Maintaining Ethical and Socially Responsible Standards 24 Managing a Diverse Workforce 25 Utilizing IT and E-Commerce 26 Practicing Global Crisis Management 27

    Chapkr2 The Evolution of Management Thought 34

    A MANAGER'S CHALLENGE Rinding Better Ways to Make Cars 35


    Overview 37

    Scientific Management Theory 38

    Job Specialization and the Division of Labor 39 F. W. Taylor and Scientific Management 39 The Gilbreths 42

    Administrative Management Theory 45

    The Theory of Bureaucracy 45 Fayol's Principles of Management 46

    Behavioral Management Theory 51

    The Work of Mary Parker Follett 51 The Hawthorne Studies and Human Relations 51 Theory X and Theory Y 53

    Management Science Theory 55

    Organizational Environment Theory 56

    The Open-Systems View 56 Contingency Theory 57

  • Examples Management in Action

    Manage.' a Person Joe Coulombe Knows How to Make an Organization Work 9 Man%.r .4:cbally First Outsourcing, Now Insourcing 19 Ethics in Action Everything Is Not Coming Up Roses 24 Msneqr , ' .:oally A Concern for Safety Explodes at BP 27

    Summary and Review 29 Management in Action 30 Topics for Discussion and Action 30 Building Management Skills 30 Managing Ethically 31 Small Group Breakout Exercise 31 Exploring the World Wide Web 31 Be the Manager 31 Fortune Gase in the News: Bob Iger: Disney's Fun King 32


    Ethics in Action Fordism in Practice 41 Manage- x-s a Person Andrew Carnegie Creates the New Industrial Company 43 Management Insight Peters and Waterman's Excellent Companies 50

    Management in Action

    Summary and Review 58 Management in Action 60 Topics for Discussion and Action 60 Building Management Skills 60 Managing Ethically 60 Small Group Breakout Exercise 61 Exploring the World Wide Web 61 Be the Manager 61 The Wall Street Journal Gase in the News: Mr. Edens Profits from Watching His Workers' Every Move 62


  • Chaote 3

    A MANAGER'S CHALLENGE Kevin Plank's Determination Pays Off at Under Armour 65

    Values, Attitudes, Emotions, and Culture: The Manager as a Person


    67 Overview

    Enduring Characteristics: Personality Traits 67

    The Big Five Personality Traits 68 Other Personality Traits That Affect Managerial Behavior 72

    Values, Attitudes, and Moods and Emotions 73

    Values: Terminal and Instrumental 73


    Attitudes 76 Moods and Emotions 79

    Emotional Intelligence 82

    Organizational Culture 83 Managers and Organizational Culture 85 The Role of Values and Norms in Organizational Culture 86 Culture and Managerial Action 90

    Chaote] Ethics and Social Responsibility 98

    A MANAGER'S CHALLENGE Apple and Foxconn Protect Its Products and the Workers Who Make Them 99



    The Nature of Ethics Ethical Dilemmas Ethics and the Law Changes in Ethics Over Time

    Stakeholders and Ethics Stockholders Managers Ethics and Nonprofit Organizations Employees Suppliers and Distributors Customers Community, Society, and Nation Rules for Ethical Decision Making


    101 101 102 102

    104 104 105

    106 107 107 110



    Why Should Managers Behave Ethically? 114

    Ethics and Social Responsibility 116

    Societal Ethics 117 Occupational Ethics 119 Individual Ethics 119 Organizational Ethics 121

    Approaches to Social Responsibility 124

    Four Different Approaches 124 Why Be Socially Responsible? 126 The Role of Organizational Culture 127

  • Examples Management in Action

    Manager as a Person Who Would Have Thought DirtyJobs Would Be a Hit? 71 Ethics in Action Talling the Truth at Gentie Giant Moving 75 Ethics in Action Protecting the Environment and Jobs at Subaru of Indiana Automotive 77 Management Insight Emotions as Triggers for Changes in Organizations 81

    Summary and Review 91 Management in Action 93 Topics for Discussion and Action 93 Building Management Skills 93 Managing Ethically 93 Small Group Breakout Exercise 94 Exploring the World Wide Web 94 Be the Manager 94 Fortune Gase in the News: Who Built Build-a-Bear? Interview by Dinah Eng 95


    Ethics in Action Unethical Managers Imperil the Supply of Peanut Butter 107 Ethics in Action Whole Foods Market Practices What It Preaches 110 Ethics in Action Is It Right to Use Child Labor? 118 Ethics in Action Jonathan Reckford Rebuilds Goodwill at Habitat for Humanity 122

    Management in Action

    Summary and Review 127 Management in Action 129 Topics for Discussion and Action 129 Building Management Skills 129 Managing Ethically 129 Small Group Breakout Exercise 130 Exploring the World Wide Web 130 Be the Manager 130 Bloomberg Businessweek Gase in the News: J&J Names Gorsky as New CEO after Product Recalls 131

  • Chuplcr

    A MANAGER'S CHALLENGE Sodexo and Principal Financial Group Effectively Manage Diversity in Multiple Ways 133

    Managing Diverse Employees in a Multicultural Environment 132


    Overview 135

    The Increasing Diversity of the Workforce and the Environment 135

    Age 136 Gender 137 Race and Ethnicity 138 Religion 139 Capabilities/Disabilities 139 Socioeconomic Background 140 Sexual Orientation 141 Other Kinds of Diversity 143

    Managers and the Effective Management of Diversity 143

    Critical Managerial Roles 143 The Ethical Imperative to Manage Diversity Effectively 145

    Effectively Managing Diversity Makes Good Business Sense 146

    Perception 147 Factors That Influence Managerial Perception 147 Perception as a Determinant of U nfair T reatment 148 Overt Discrimination 151

    How to Manage Diversity Effectively 153

    Steps in Managing Diversity Effectively 153

    Sexual Harassment 157 Forms of Sexual Harassment 158 Steps Managers Can Take to Eradicate Sexual Harassment 158


    A MANAGER'S CHALLENGE Nokia Flips Its Approach to Managing the Global Environment 165

    Managing in the Global Environment 164


    Overview 166 The Changing Global

    What Is the Global Environment 177

    Environment? 167 The Process of Globalization 178

    The Task Environment Declining Barriers to Trade

    The Task Environment 167 and Investment 180 Suppliers 167 Declining Barriers of Distributors 171 Distance and Culture 181 Customers 171 Effects of Free Trade on Competitors 172 Managers 182

    The General Environment 174 The Role of National Economic Forces 174 Culture 183 Technological Forces 175 Cultural Values and Norms 183 Sociocultural Forces 175 Hofstede's Model of Demographic Forces 176 National Culture 184 Political and Legal Forces 176 National Culture and Global

    Management 186

  • Examples Management in Action

    Focus on Diversity Preventing Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation 142 Ethics in Action Disabled Employees Make Valuable Contributions 149 Focus on Diversity Layoff Discrimination? 152 Management Insight Top Execs Improve Their Understanding of the Front Line 154

    Summary and Review 159 Management in Action 161 Topics for Discussion and Action 161 Building Management Skills 161 Managing Ethically 161 Small Group Breakout Exercise 162 Exploring the World Wide Web 162 Be the Manager 162 Bloomberg Businessweek Gase in the News: Slamming Natty Light Between Lines of C++ 163


    How Microsoft Became a Powerful Nokia Supplier 170

    IKEA Is on Top of the Furniture World 179 IVki.u:, ' Kazuo Hirai Replaces Howard Stringer as CEO of Sony 187

    Management in Action

    Summary and Review 189 Management in Action 190 Topics for Discussion and Action 190 Building Management Skills 190 Managing Ethically 190 Small Group Breakout Exercise 191 Exploring the World Wide Web 191 Be the Manager 191 Fortune Gase in the News: Akio Toyoda: Toyota's Comeback Kid 192

  • Chapter 7 Decision Making, Learning, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship 194

    A MANAGER'S CHALLENGE Decision Making and Learning Are the Keys to Entrepreneurial Success 195


    Overview 197 Implement the Chosen Alternative 208

    The Nature of Managerial Learn from Feedback 208 Decision Making 197

    Programmed and Cognitive Biases and Nonprogrammed Decision Decision Making 209 Making 198 Prior-Hypothesis Bias 209 The Classical Model 201 Representativeness Bias 209 The Administrative Model 202 Illusion of Control 210

    Steps in the Decision- Escalating Commitment 210

    Making Process 204 Be Aware of Your Biases 210

    Recognize the Need for Group Decision Making 211 a Decision 205 The Perils of Groupthink 211 Generate Alternatives 205 Devil's Advocacy and Assess Alternatives 206 Dialectical Inquiry 211 Choose among Alternatives 208 Diversity among Decision

    Makers 212

    Chapter 8 The Manager as a Planner and Strategist 226