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  • 9 2011

    Effective Tips: How to find the right DVD Player

    How to find the right DVD Player case by top-shoppingmall

    Keeping movies protected is important, especially if someone is planning on keeping them fordecades to come. There are several different types of portable dvd player case options outthere, but only a few of them offer good to great quality. Plus, having them available wherever a






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  • person goes means there needs to be plenty of room for all the favorites.

    Here are a few things to consider when purchasing a new portable dvd player case:

    #1 Durability- When traveling there are all kinds of issues that can surface. Whether it's droppingthe dvd player accidentally, a youngster getting his or her hands on it, or even getting into anaccident; a durable portable dvd player case should be a crucial part of the decision.

    Try to find one that is made from ballistic nylon. It will provide strength, durability, and anotherbenefit found below.

    #2 Size it Up- Another important area to consider is the overall size of the portable dvd playercase.

    Often time's consumers overlook this area and when the case gets to their door it ends upbeing too small. Make sure it has plenty of room to fit the dvd player in it, some dvds, as wellas all the cables.

    #3 Water-Resistant- While some people don't consider this a necessity, it can be a huge help ifsomething is spilled. Without a case the portable dvd player could get damaged, but a water-resistant option could provide the protection needed to keep it safe.

    #4 Seat Back Attachment- This isn't a necessity, but it could make the portable dvd playercase even more enticing. A seat-back attachment provides a safe place to hang the dvd, andwhen it's ready to be used there is a detachable area. This alleviates the possibility ofaccidentally setting it in the wrong place where damage could occur.

    #5 Additional Storage- Instead of watching the same dvd over and over again; additionalstorage space can offer more dvd storage compartments, an area for the remote control, andadditional cables (if needed).

    #6 Headphone Jacks- The right amount of research can also allow consumers to find dvdplayer cases that offer built- in headphone jacks.

    This is a huge benefit, especially for those who want their dvd player protected at all times.Some of them even offer dual options so more than one person can listen in on their favoritemovies.

    There are several other things a person might consider when purchasing a portable dvdplayer

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    case. Whether it's the designs, colors, or anything else; being able to personalize it is alwaysfun. Take the time to think about each one of the tips above and find the right dvd player casesfor that added protection.

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    Fun to teach you-Free Android Smartphone GamesAlthough Google Android smartphones, such as the HTC magic and the T Mobile G1, can begreat tools for increasing your productivity on the move, you can also have fun playing gameson them too. Here are just a few:

    4NumGuess: This bizarre number guessing game does not come with instructions, and has tobe played in side-view mode. Numbers need to be entered using the on screen display, ratherthan the keypad, which may seem an odd decision but it means that it is fully compatible withmachines without one.

    Amazed - This maze game uses the accelerometer as a control device, and requires you to tiltthe phone to guide a white ball along a 2-dimensional path towards the goal. It uses a grid-based maze with a lot of 90 degree turns, and is infuriatingly addictive.

    Asquare - In this game you have to match three shapes by swapping any two, the aim of thegame being to match as many trios in as few turns as possible, with your score being based on


  • your ratio of turns to matches. There is no real game over situation, so you can just play it untilyou get bored or have to do something else.

    Backgammon - This mobile version of the classic boardgame is a decent version featuring allthat you would expect. However, the game also serves as a demonstration of how hard it is todrag and drop using a touchscreen, as every slight loss of contact is interpreted as a drop. It isonly marginally more playable with the mini trackball.

    Bonsai Blast - In this colourful game, you have to shoot coloured balls at an oncoming line ofballs before the line makes it to the end of the path. The graphics are excellent, although thetouchscreen control method can take a bit of getting used to.

    Brain Genius Deluxe - Fans of the brain training genre will go ga ga over Brain Genius Deluxe.The game consists of a series of puzz les and tasks, which unlock various mini-games such asSliding Puzz le and SuDoku as you complete them. Although different tasks can be done with the

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    accelerometer, touch screen, and mini joystick, although you will probably end up just stickingwith the latter after the novelty of the other two has worn off.

    Bubble Bash demo - Why let a load of pretty coloured balls bounce around causing you troublewhen you can just shoot them? As with the somewhat similar Bonsai Blast, the touchscreencontrols can be a little bit on the inaccurate side, but the visuals are superb.



    Tips:About How to Use a Smartphone to ConnectYour LaptopHow to Use a Smartphone to Connect Your Laptop & top-shoppingmall

    Online users use their laptops to surf the net in cof f ee shops, homes, colleges andother schools and even restaurants that serve f ast f ood. However, if your wirelessaccess point malf unctions or you do not have access to the Internet f or some reason,you can still go online if you own a smartphone .

    1. 1Purchase a USB (Universal SerialBus) plug at a local computerstore. Plug one side of the USBin your phone and the other side


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    into a vacant USB opening onyour laptop. This plug allowsthese two machines tocommunicate with each otherand exchange data.

    2Press the word "Start" on yourcalling device. Then choose toshare an online connection.Make sure to pick the "USB" option when the method of Internet connection promptappears.

    3Set up your smartphone to perf orm as a connection device with your laptop whenyou hit the connect f unction on your laptop. Navigate to your computer controlpanel and hit the tab that states "Network Connections." Then establish a newconnection between networks.

    4Look on the bottom portion of your computer screen to ensure the presence of anonline connection. You may have to wait f or a f ew seconds because thisconnection can take some time to show up on your laptop. However, if you do nothave any active online networks at the time, the entire connection process will beginon its own.

    5Test your laptop to ensure it f unctions online. Af ter you get on the Internet, go toyour f avorite social media portal to ensure you have an online connection. If youcan go to various web pages, your Internet connection is set up properly.

    Find more information about Electronics Tips here.


  • Starting Up Your Business online with Car DVDplayersStarting Up Your Business online with Car DVD players &

    Are you thinking to set up your business selling car DVD? You can go look for thosewholesalers who are exporting their products. You can have the wholesale price. But thequestion is how to find a reliable car DVD exporter. This increasing demand of this kind ofdevice is giving manufactures a confidence to bring more new products in market withincreased features and high reliability. However buying them blindly from any store is not agood idea as you can buy them at very cheap prices if you slightly research on the suppliers.Wholesale players from the manufacturers, which happen to be the exporters, are able to passthe low price benefit to the consumers. It is always advantageous to gadgets from thesesellers.

    Make sure that the products that you choose to buy are of good quality. Different grades ofproducts and for a profitable business, it is best to buy the one which are durable. The price isanother thing that one must consider when buying wholesale products. You can find onlinemany wholesale stores that offer car stereo wholesale discounts and many online merchantswill ensure that their products are within your means as a dealer by offering discounts topromote themselves in the best light to their potential clients. You must ensure that they havegreat customer support service. In case, there are some damage or warranty issues, you wantto rise up, the company will be much readily available to address such issue and solve it rightaway. You do not want to be dealing with a company who is only good at taking orders butwhen it comes to complaints, it will take forever for you to process it and get the issue solvedby the company.

  • The exporters company policies, terms of sale and refunds policy are very important even asyou consider how great the car DVD wholesale are as the primary reason for getting theirproducts. The players are the latest craze in car audio a