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Onida Market Research done in Pondicherry


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INTRODUCTIONThe primary purpose of this study is to provide comprehensive market intelligence on a for Household Appliances. This report attempts to provide a

comprehensive review of the market situation and analyzes trend on Pondicherry region . A combination of primary and secondary research has been used for all findings. The usage of obtained information is based on the perceived reliability of the source by the researcher. In many cases, a combination of such sources was used. In todays intensely competitive environment, companies today are constantly looking for ways to satisfy customers by having a better understanding of changing customer preferences. The over changing market characteristics have huge impact on corporate decisions. The global environment also poses several complexities to the sellers in understanding the market. Within the current marketing environment, competition between products and services is becoming increasingly tough. This report discuss about ONIDA home appliances and also other brand home appliances which are closely related to ONIDA. The main base o four study is to know the competition faced by the ONIDA and the market availability for the brand appliances in the region where Study was conducted for this purpose the consumer preference towards ONIDA is studied in depth. The study of consumers helps firms and organizations improve their marketing strategies by understanding issues such as how the psychology of how consumers think, feel, reason, and select between different alternatives (e.g., brands, products);The the psychology of how the consumer is influenced by his or her environment (e.g., culture,

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family, signs, media);The behavior of consumers while shopping or making other marketing decisions; Limitations in consumer knowledge or information processing abilities influence decisions and marketing outcome; How consumer motivation and decision strategies differ between products that differ in their level of importance or interest that they entail for the consumer; and How marketers can adapt and improve their marketing campaigns and marketing strategies to more effectively reach the consumer

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INDUSTRY PROFILEHome Appliances in IndiaHome Appliances are that without which a modern home is considered incomplete, especially in urban areas. We have become so used to some of the home appliances that it seems difficult to live without them. Indeed, they have made our life more comfortable and easier than ever. In metro cities and big towns, such household appliances are regarded as a boon, as they are instrumental in cutting down the time involved in most of the domestic chores. This is really a great help since people often find it difficult to keep a balance between professional obligation and household needs. Products such as microwave ovens, juicer- mixer- grinder, fully automatic washing machines, frost- free refrigerators are the most popular category of home appliances. This is because they have made the work of housewives less tiresome and more enjoying. Most of the domestic appliances are useful in various kitchen related jobs and hence are termed as kitchen appliances. Gas stoves, toasters, microwave ovens, mixer & grinders, juicers & blenders, roti makers, refrigerators, water purifiers are some of the most common kitchen appliances in India. Besides,there is a category of electronic products that have become an integral part of modern houses. These are air conditioners, fans, room coolers, room heaters,geysers, electrical irons etc.

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Home Appliance Companies in India

There are many Home Appliance companies in India like Videocon, Voltas, Godrej, Bluestar, Kenstar etc. Apart from them there are various international companies also that deal in domestic appliances. Some of these home appliances manufacturers are Samsung, LG, IFB, Whirlpool, Kenmore etc. With the arrival of international brands in Indian market, the competition among rival companies have become stiff, which results in further improvement in qualities and depreciation in prices of most of the home appliances in India. Since, a majority of products are electrically operated, the focus is on such household appliances that are efficient in power consumption.

Home Appliance Stores

Most of the leading home appliances manufacturers and companies have set up their exclusive retail outlets in important towns and cities of the country. Besides, there are local home appliances suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers spread throughout India. Apart from that Home Appliances stores and shops are located in every locality, which let you compare products of different companies before buying and also let you buy all kinds of home appliance products at one place. Some manufacturers also offer after sale

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service, and if needed, repair the damaged parts of your electronic products. So here you will find the sites of some of the leading Home Appliances manufacturers and suppliers.

Share of categories in Home Appliances sector in Oct-Dec 09

(Source: www.adex.in, accessed on March 22, 2010) Television Sets category was way ahead with 47% share of Home Appliances ad volumes, followed by Air-conditioners and Refrigerators with 13% and 9% shares respectively Out of 30 categories, 18 of the categories saw growth in Oct-Dec 09 Interestingly, Television Sets (154) advertised the maximum number of brands followed by Mixers/Grinders (111) and Water Purifiers (104)

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COMPANY PROFILEThe Company was incorporated on 01 January 1981 as Mirc Electronics Private Limited. The word Private was deleted from the name on 13th September, 1988 pursuant to Section 43-A(1A) of the Act, and a fresh certificate was issued by the Registrar of Companies, Maharashtra on 18th September, 1992 converting the company into a Public Limited Company. Mirc Electronics Limited was promoted by Mr. Gulu L. Mirchandani, Mr. Vijay J. ansukhani and Mr. Sonu L. Mirchandani. Guviso Holdings Limited is the holding company of Mirc electronics Limited. The other listed companies promoted by the promoters are Onida Saka Ltd., Onida Savak Ltd. and Monica Electronics Ltd. which are engaged in the manufacture of Colour Televisions, Black & White Televisions, Video Cassette Recorders, Audios, Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, Electronic Tuners and other electronic products. The Company has launched two new models with better aesthetics and quality that the `ONIDA' brand demands. With the introduction of full range of Black &White televisions. The

Company has also recently launched a new colour television, incorporating state-of-the-art features for superlative performance. The remote control set for this product offers master command, which have been recently introduced in Japan. The Company has also introduced Brother fax machines in the Indian market.

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The Company is also introducing 'ONIDA ARCADES', which shall be exclusive 'ONIDA' showrooms, situated in the prestigious up market locations.The Company had launched 6 new models in the middle segment, introducing products like Stereo Radio Recorders and MIDI systems. The Company was awarded ISO 9001 certification during the period under review. The improved compliance with the laid down Systems & Procedures, Total Quality Management discipline, Cost reduction & Value engineering would go a long way in fine tuning the performance of your Company. ONIDA Today Onida is a popular electronics brand in India. Onida has a network of 33 branch offices, 208 Customer Relation Centers and 41 depots spread across India. As on 31 March 2005, Onida had a market capitalization of Rs.301.46 crore.Mirc Electronics won an Award for Excellence in Electronics in 1999, from the Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India.Onida with its Sales & Marketing office in Dubai reported a 215 per cent export growth in two years, setting the base for an increased robust international presence.The shipments to the Gulf contribute almost 65 per cent of Onida's export revenue, while shipments to the fast growing East African market (Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia) and the SAARC countries accounted for 16 per cent of export revenues.Home Theatres and DVD players have been introduced in these markets to strengthen the Onida brand presence. These products have customized models with local language user interfaces in line with its geographies of focus. Onida models are now available with Arabic, Persian

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and Russian OSD (menu).Onida products have been favored by hypermarkets like Lu Lu Centres, Carrefours, Geants and Dasmans in GCC countries. In addition to the Gulf countries ONIDA has now a sizeable presence in Russia, Ukraine and neighboring CIS countries. ONIDA has already crossed 100000 mark in CTV exports to Russia in a span of just 2 years and plans to grow in these markets at a much faster pace. Apart from Television Exports to Russia, Onida also exports DVD Players and High end LCD Televisions.

Product CategoryONIDA brand has following range of products.1. LCD TVs 2. Plasma TVs

3. Televisions4. DVD and Home Theater Systems 5. Air Conditioners 6. Washing machines 7. Microwave Ovens

8. Presentation Products

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9. Inverters 10. Mobile Phones.

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ANDUSEFULNESS OF THE STUDYObjectives of the Study This study was undertaken to study the market penetration for ONIDA products Awareness/preference among Consumers. To fulfill this objective, it is imperative to: Find out how much consumers are aware of ONIDA and its appliances Find out the market op