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Plot No: 5B-03B8, P.O. Box 50032 Hamriyah Free Zone-Sharjah Tel: +971-06-7444527, Fax: +971-06-7444537 Website:, Email:


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Marine Engineering Diving Services operates through its base oce located in UAE which is the main center for oshore activities. MEDS owns and has access to a wide range of diving units for shallow and deep water interventions, ROV Systems, Underwater hydraulic & Pneumatic tools. NDT equipment and a eet of Diving/ROV Support Vessels. Because of its organizational structure and meticulous planning, Marine Engineering Diving Services can mobilize rapidly and eciently support projects throughout the Middle East. Marine Engineering Diving Services adopts to new technologies by inducting state of the art equipments and employing skilled workforce for providing customers with quality and cost eective services. We have the capability to satisfy every need for subsea works to the satisfaction of our valued customers anywhere in the region. We vouch to give you our personal touch to ensure the awless execution of your projects. Business Ethics MEDS activities are performed with due respect to applicable legislation, in fair competition, with honesty, integrity and good faith, to protect the interest of its customers, employees, associates, stakeholders and the society. Business is always done with fairness, loyalty, transparency and fair competition. Bribes, illegitimate favours or request of personal benets is viewed as detrimental to the company policies. Information concerning its employees, customers, sub contractors, suppliers, professionals, stakeholders and any interested parties, whether generated inside or acquired from external sources during the course of activities are kept condential. Contact Address: Plot No: 5B-03B8, P.O. Box 50032 Hamriyah Free Zone-Sharjah Contact Person: Mr. Ashutosh Chaudhary, Managing Director / Mr. Sheldon DLima, Finance Director Contact Numbers: Phone +971-06-7444527 / Fax +971-06-7444537 Website: Email:



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Corporate Vision We aspire to be the most preferred subsea contractors in the Gulf, MENA and Asia Pacic Regions by the end of 2020. Mission Statement To be a midsize subsea contractor in next 3 to 5 years time by accumulating assets, developing internal resources and achieving a respectable turnover. Goals and Objective Our short term objective is to qualify for all possible Oil & Gas companies and bid for maximum no of tenders. In the long term our goal is to grow with our people, subcontractors and associates. Our corporate objectives are: a) To work towards Zero injury. b) Take proactive measures for reducing and eliminating risks. c) Abide with all applicable legislation and other requirements. d) Upgrade on technology, skills and knowledge of co-workers. e) Strive for enhancing customer satisfaction in a safe & healthy working environment. f) To work towards zero pollution. g) To protect our valued workforce, subcontractors and client personnel h) To protect our equipment and assets and that of our clients at all times. We will strive to achieve and maintain a position of being preferred subsea contractors through up gradation of our skills and achieving customer expectations by periodic review of project performance and eectiveness of QHSE management system.


Back To Content Quality Policy MEDS shall strive to be a leading provider of Diving Services by delivering resources on time, every time. We will comply with all regulatory requirements and provide value for money to our customers by continually improving our processes and service quality. HSE Policy We are committed to ensure Oshore operational safety, human health and environment protection in all our projects. Employees at every level, including management are collectively responsible and held accountable for the overall safety, health and environment programs. Though HSE is a line responsibility, the Top management takes the ultimate responsibility for any unforeseen events. We will implement proactive HSE system to comply with legislations and provide a frame work for reviewing and improving onsite and osite performance. Eectiveness in HSE will be achieved by employing qualied and skilled workforce and imparting appropriate training to reinforce HSE values. We will involve our subcontractors in all HSE activities and actively participate in client initiated HSE programs. Drugs & Alcohol Policy As a policy Drug, Alcohol and Substance Abuse will be viewed strictly at MEDS. Being under the inuence of alcohol or illegal drugs on company property is prohibited.

The unauthorized use or possession of controlled substances is prohibited. Employees who violate this Policy are subject to appropriate disciplinary action including termination. The Policy applies to all employees of the company regardless of rank or position and includes temporary and part-time employees. MEDS is an equal opportunity employer and does not encourage any discrimination based on nationality, race, sex or segment of the society.


ORGANISATIONOce OrganisationBoard of Directors

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Managing Director HSE Coordinator

Finance Director MR / ISO

Proposal / Tendering

Project Manager


Warehouse Incharge

Logistics & TransportDrivers

senior Accountant

HR & Admin Coordinator

Assistant Accountant

Document Contoller

Admin Oce

Dive Team

Project Team



Oce Assistant

Project OrganisationManaging Director

Project Manager

Client Rep

Vessel Master

Project HSE Rep

Hyperbaric Doctor

Project Coordinator Onshore

Oshore Diving Superintendant

Oshore Project Engineer

Project Support Sta

Air Supervisor

Sat Supervisor

ROV Technicians

Sub Contractors



Air Drive




Sat Drive


SPHERE OF ACTIVITIESUnder water inspection of vessel / Rigs for postponement of dry dock survey for classication societies. Turkey projects for Marine growth removal, Oshore Construction, Maintenance, Pre Engineering Survey, Post Construction as built Survey. SBM & SPM Maintenance Support Services. NDT Surveys of Jack Up Rings, Pipelines & Oshore Structures. Support services for the Dam / Break water /Jetty / Dry Dock / Bridge Construction & maintenance work. Underwater Photography & Videograpy. Dredging/ De sitting of Dams, Lakes, Canals, Pods, Freshwater tanks and reservoirs etc. for environment, scientic and for irrigation purposes. Underwater cutting and welding services. Underwater Cutting and Welding Services. ROV Survey Services

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Subsea Engineering Studies. Support to pipeline, ow line and cable laying and post lay trenching. Pipeline, Flow line and cable tie-ins, repair and inspection. NDT Survey of oshore installation of platforms, SBMs, FPSO. De-commissioning of existing oshore structures and facilities. Salvage works. Harbor, jetties and underwater civil works. Installation of seawater intakes/ outlets. Project Management and Consultancy including Cathodic Protection feasibility studies. Market Surveys, Engineering procedure and documentation.

Pipeline refurbishment and repairs. Subsea Cathodic Protection. CAD, drawings and charting


WORK EXPERIENCEProject Description Vessel Client Location Date Completed Project Description Vessel Client Location Date Completed Project Description Client Location Date Completed Project Description Client Location Date Completed Project Description Client Location Date Completed Project Description Client Location Date Completed Project Description Client Location Date Completed Project Description Client Location Date Completed : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Recovery of Crane Boom and Jib Al Ased Deep Oshore Technology Persian Gulf September 2011 Recovery of Main & Auxiliary Crane Sapphire Deep Oshore Technology Persian Gulf July 2011 Underwater Survey of Vessel MMPL Kestrel POSH Fleet Services Pte Ltd. DMC, Dubai July 2011 Underwater Survey of Vessel MT AL JAWZAA Emirates Shipping LLC/Gulf Energy Ltd. Anchorage, Sharjah July 2011 Underwater Survey of Vessel Setia Tegap under BV Class Work Boat International Port Khalid, Sharjah July 2011 Underwater Survey of Barge Merlin 202 under NKK Class Great Circle Line Co. (LLC) Naval Base, Abu Dhabi June 2011 Underwater Survey of Vessel AL-SAQR under ABS Class Al Mansoori Production Services LLC Abu Dhabi Free Port June 2011 Underwater Survey of Bow Thrusters on Vessel Jumbo Javelin Seven Seas Ship Chandlers LLC. Mina Zayed, Abu Dhabi May 2011

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Back To Content Project Description Client Location Date Completed Project Description Client Location Date Completed Project Description Client Location Date Completed Project Description Client Location Date Completed Project Description Client Location Date Completed : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Underwater Survey of Vessel WBI Trinity Under BV Class Work Boat International Port Khalid, Sharjah May 2011 Underwater Survey of Vessel MV King Honor Under Rina Class Nan Jing King Ship Management Co. Ltd. Jebel Ali, Dubai May 2011 Underwater Survey of ASPAM SEA under DNV Class Ind- Aust Maritime Pvt Ltd. Hamriyah Port, Sharjah April 2011 Underwater Survey of Vessel Nisnas 3403 under ABS Class Inter Gulf Marine LLC Al Jazeera Port, Ras Al Khaimah March 2011 Underwater ABS Survey of Barge Diver 3 Diver Marine Contracting LLC Abu Dhabi March 2011

Project Description Client Location


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