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  • NAKIMBRO Engineering and Contractors Preface 1.Preface 1 22.Company History 2 33.National & International Codes of Practice 3 44. ISO 9001-2000 4 55.Quality Policy 5 66. Project Control 6 77. Company employees 7 88Our Customers 8
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  • NAKIMBRO Engineering and Contractors PREFACE NAKIMBRO HAVE AN EMBEDDED CULTURE WITHIN THE ORGANISATION OF CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Our competent project managers, engineering personnel, skilled artisans and focused people, produce real project benefits. Doing business with applied integrity is high on our agenda. Let your next Project become our priority. As a focused engineering company we strongly believe that you will benefit from a business partnership with us.
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  • NAKIMBRO Engineering and Contractors COMPANY HISTORY
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  • NAKIMBRO Engineering and Contractors COMPANY HISTORY NAKIMBRO was established in 1994 and since then has provided quality engineering products, services and personnel for the: Chemical & Petro Chemical; Shipbuilding and Ship repair; Pulp and Paper; Sugar; Food and Beverage; Fiber, and; Canning Industries
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  • NAKIMBRO Engineering and Contractors National and International Codes of Practice National and International Codes of Practice
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  • NAKIMBRO Engineering and Contractors National and International Codes of Practice When structuring the company we fully recognized the specialized and demanding requirements of Domestic and International construction and manufacturing industries
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  • NAKIMBRO Engineering and Contractors Since many of the construction and manufacturing projects were project managed by leading American, British, German and French companies, each bringing to bear on the various projects, their own and preferred national engineering and construction standards such as. ASME Section I Power Boilers; ASME B31.1 Power Piping; ASME Section VIII Division 1; AWSD1.1; BS 5500; ASME Section X1,and ; EN 287/EN288 to name but a few. National and International Codes of Practice
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  • NAKIMBRO Engineering and Contractors ISO 9001-2000
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  • NAKIMBRO Engineering and Contractors ISO 9001-2000 Following a comprehensive review of the Companys business and target market in September 2004, a decision was taken to develop and implement a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001-2000, with the view of being certified in August 2006.
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  • NAKIMBRO Engineering and Contractors Quality System
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  • NAKIMBRO Engineering and Contractors A three-tier documented Quality System has been established based on ISO 9001-2000 consisting of: Quality Policy Manual. Quality Assurance Procedure Manuals Work Instruction Manuals These documents are designed and implemented to ensure the effective operation and control of the Companys processes. When developing the three-tier documented Quality System we took into consideration our size, the complexity and interaction of the various processes and the skill and competence of our personnel. Quality System
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  • NAKIMBRO Engineering and Contractors Quality Policy
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  • NAKIMBRO Engineering and Contractors Our Quality Policy The Companys Quality Policy is consistent with the Companys other business policies and the Quality Management Principles of ISO9001.
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  • NAKIMBRO Engineering and Contractors Q. P. S. NAKIMBRO Engineering and Contractors : To understand our customers current and future needs, by reviewing contract documents and market related data, provide a service that meets the contract requirements and to strive to exceed customer expectations; To create and maintain the internal environment in which people can become fully involved in achieving the Companys objectives;
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  • To establish, maintain and control service process to ensure that resources and activities are effectively managed to ensure that the desired result is achieved; To implement and maintain a Quality System in accordance with ISO 9001, and continually improve its effectiveness and efficiency through measurement and evaluation; To strive for continual improvement of our service, processes and systems by periodically assessing them against established criteria of excellence, to identify areas for potential improvement; To analyze the data and information using valid methods to ensure factual and effective decisions are made; To conduct business with our suppliers in a manner that is mutually beneficial and which enhances the ability of both of us to create value. Q. P. Statement Cont.
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  • NAKIMBRO Engineering and Contractors Project Control
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  • NAKIMBRO Engineering and Contractors Procedures are established and documented to ensure that Projects are accomplished under control conditions, in accordance with applicable codes, standards, regulations, specifications, and other special requirements, using qualified personnel, procedures and equipment. Projects Control Projects Control
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  • NAKIMBRO Engineering and Contractors Procedures are established and documented to control service operations through: the use of, instructions, specifications, purchase specifications, special process data sheets; the use and maintenance of suitable equipment for service operations; the availability and use of measuring and monitoring devices; the implementation of quality control plans.
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  • NAKIMBRO Engineering and Contractors Company Employees
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  • NAKIMBRO Engineering and Contractors NAKIMBRO currently have 15 staff and approximately 80 to 100 skilled project and construction personnel working on various shipbuilding / ship repair, chemical, manufacturing and construction projects. Taking in to consideration the requirements of the various projects, our skilled personnel may be; contracted out to work under the direct control of the main contractors/project managing company or; engaged in the project management, manufacturing and installation of products manufactured at our Durban factory or Site Workshops. Company Employees
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  • NAKIMBRO Engineering and Contractors SKILLS INCLUDE: Project managers; Engineering Technicians; Quality Control Inspectors; Engineering Artisans (Welders{Structural and Pipe}, Fitters{Structural and Pipe},Outside Machinists,Electricians,Painters and Blasters) Company Employees Cont.
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  • NAKIMBRO Engineering and Contractors OUR CUSTOMERS
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  • NAKIMBRO Engineering and Contractors Company NamesContact PersonNumbers Industromech Engineering Contractors Mr. Basil Houhton 4664659 Engomarc Engineering Mr. Mark Nofal 0824526943 Alfa MetalsMr. Krish Moodley 485859 M.E.I.Mr. Hennie De Witt. 0826521421 N.I.S. EngenMr. Patrick Ellapen 254361 Mondi Paper MillsMr. Don Scott 9033039 BevcanMr. Steve Walker 4690551 P.M.R. Piping Mr. Colin Botha 0824144406 I.M.A.C. ShippingMr. Willie Robertson082455696 OUR CUSTOMERS


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