COMMUNITY PHARMACY PRACTICE CASE STUDIES - pharmacy practice case studies ... 52 53 acute otitis media / 183 ... renal and genitourinary disorders / 277

Download COMMUNITY PHARMACY PRACTICE CASE STUDIES -   pharmacy practice case studies ... 52 53 acute otitis media / 183 ... renal and genitourinary disorders / 277

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COMMUNITYPHARMACY PRACTICECASE STUDIESJean-Venable "Kelly" R. Goode, PHARMD, BCPS, FAPHA, FCCPProfessor and DirectorCommunity Pharmacy Practice and Residency ProgramsVirginia Commonwealth University School of PharmacyRichmond, VirginiaLynne M. Roman, PHARMDPharmacist ManagerTarget PharmacyEllicott City, MarylandKristin W. Weitzel, PHARMD, CDEAssistant EditorPharmacist's Letter and Prescriber's LetterDirector of Editorial ProjectsTherapeutic Research CenterStockton, CaliforniaClinical Associate Professor (Adjunct)University of Florida College of PharmacyGainesville, FloridayAmerican Pharmacists Associationing medication use. Advancing patient care.A P h AWashington, D.C.ContentsFOREWORD / xiPREFACE / xiACKNOWLEDGMENTS / xvCONTRIBUTORS / xvSECTION 1PRINCIPLES OF INCORPORATING PATIENTCARE INTO A COMMUNITY PRACTICE /11 Entrepreneurship in Pharmacy / 3Bradley P. Tice2 Developing a Business Plan / 6Jennifer L. Rodis3 Pharmacy Workflow / 10Sharon B. S. Gatewood4 Marketing Pharmacy Services / 12Bradley P. Tice5 Documentation of Patient Care in theCommunity Pharmacy Setting / 17Jennifer Cerulli6 Compensation for Patient Care in theCommunity Pharmacy Setting / 19Andrew P. Traynor7 Documentation and Compensation forMedication Therapy ManagementServices under Medicare Part D / 22Dee Dugan and Katherine Heller8 Practice-Based Research in theCommunity Pharmacy Setting / 28David A. Mott and Elizabeth PetersonSECTION 2PRINCIPLES OF MANAGING PATIENTS IN THECOMMUNITY PHARMACY SETTING / 319 Patient Care Process / 33Kelly Brock10 Professionalism in the CommunityPharmacy Setting / 38Dana P. Hammer and Carson Huntoon11 Health Disparities in the CommunityPharmacy Setting / 41JeriJ. Sias12 Patient Safety in Community PharmacyPractice / 47Antoinette B. Coe and Kristin W. WeitzelSECTION 3PERSONAL HEALTH CARE AND PREVENTIVEMEDICINE / 5113 Age-Based and Gender-BasedScreenings / 53Nicole M. Gattas14 Adult Immunization / 57Jean-Venable "Kelly" R. Goode and Dennis D. Stanley15 Global Health Threats and the Role ofthe Community Pharmacist / 62Katherine E. Werner16 Nutrition / 66Renee Ahrens Thomas1 7 Managing the Use of DietarySupplements / 68Mario M. Zeolla18 Dietary Supplements / 71Bella H. Mehta19 Smoking Cessation / 78Denise Glasser20 Obesity / 80Renee Ahrens ThomasSECTION 4CARDIOVASCULAR DISORDERS / 8321 Hypertension / 85Michael E. Ernst22 Congestive Heart Failure / 88Stefanie Ferreri23 Managing Hyperlipidemia in theCommunity Pharmacy / 90Marialice S. Bennett24 Coronary Artery Disease / 98Kimberly M. Crosby and Jonathan D. FerenceviiVIII CONTENTSSECTION 5ENDOCRINE DISORDERS / 10125 Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus / 103James R. Taylor26 Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus / 106Magaly Rodriguez de Bittner andHeather Brennan Congdon27 Thyroid Disease / 109Nicole Paolini Albanese28 Metabolie Syndrome / 111Michael HogueSECTION 6RESPIRATORY DISORDERS / 1152 9 A d u l t A s t h m a / i nSarah Parnapy30 Pediatric Asthma / 120Amber Briggs31 Chronic Obstructive PulmonaryDisease / 125Kristin Kouski, and Michelle Herbert Thomas32 Pediatric Cough, Cold, and Fever / 128Macary Weck Marciniak and Kristin W. WeitzelSECTION 7GASTROINTESTINAL DISORDERS / 13133 Peptic Ulcer Disease / 133Kimberly D. Mitchell34 Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease / 135Nimita Thekkepat35 Diarrhea / 138Kara M. Carruthers3 6 Constipation / 141Jeffery D. Evans3 7 Irritable Bowel Syndrome / 145SCONTENTS57 Infertility / 221Judy Sommers Hanson58 Nonprescription Drug Use DuringPregnancy and Lactation / 224Kristin W. Weitzel5 9 Menstrual Disorders: Dysmenorrhea / 228Deanne L. HallSECTION 13MEN'S HEALTH / 23160 Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia / 233Brandon T. Jennings and Amy L. Whitaker61 Erectile Dysfunction / 235Lynne M. RomanSECTION 14GERIATRIC HEALTH / 23762 Managing Medication Use in theGeriatric Patient / 239Ron Gregory and Kimberly A. Cappuzzo63 Parkinson's Disease / 242Melody Ryan64 Alzheimers Disease / 244Heather Aison Greene and Patricia W. SlattumSECTION 15NEUROLOGIC DISORDERS / 24765 Headache / 249Carrie Foust Koenigsfeld and Darla Klug Eastman66 Epilepsy and Women of ChildbearingAge / 252Angela M. Dyer and]. Tyler StehensSECTION 16PSYCHIATRIC DISORDERS / 25567 Managing Attention DeficitHyperactivity Disorder / 257Pamela C. Heaton and Kelly Swensgard68 Insomnia / 261Erin L. St. Onge6 9 Generalized Anxiety Disorder / 264Rebecca L. Stovall, Nancy Brahm, andKimberly M. Crosby70 Depression / 267Stacey Lauderdale71 Prescription Drug Abuse: IdentifyingRisk Factors and Warning Signs / 271Jennifer M. Strickland72 Schizophrenia / 274Ericka L. BredenSECTION 17RENAL AND GENITOURINARY DISORDERS / 27773 Urinary Incontinence / 279Lakesha M. ButlerSECTION 18DERMATOLOGIC DISORDERS / 28374757677787980Acne / 285Andrea DiFalco and Jean-Venable "Kelly" R. GoodePsoriasis / 288Richard N. HerrierPoison Ivy Dermatitis / 290Brice A. LabruzzoSunburn / 293Richard N. HerrierRash / 295Richard N. HerrierWarts / 297Emily EvansPediculosis / 301Adam C. WelchSECTION 19PAIN MANAGEMENT / 30381 Chronic Pain / 305Warren A. Narducci82 Neuropathie Pain / 309Bruce R. Canaday, Molly E. Graham, andBrice A. Labruzzo83 Persistent Pain in the Older Adult / 313Holly Divine and Amy NicholasAPPENDIX:ABBREVIATIONS USED WITHOUTEXPANSION IN TEXT AND PHARMACYRECORDS AND FORMS / 316


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