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  • Common Core vs. Core



    Created by Christine Kramlich, M.Ed and Kimberly Thompson, M.S./OTR-L 770-871-8434

  • Who Am I?

  • How to Discover Core Words

    3 activities

    20 words in each category

    Any common words?

    What words for all 3 activities?

  • Can you

    pick the core?


  • These are



  • These are



  • Core Words

    High frequency



    Apply across environments

    Include a variety of parts of speech

    Non-picture producing

    Ex. Sight words, I, like, more

  • Fringe Words

    Low frequency

    Apply to limited environments

    Mostly names/nouns

    Picture producing

    Ex. Test tube, movie, line,


  • Why Core?


    300 words make up 75-85% of the words we say.

    Same words across Gender





    Bruce Baker

  • The Vocabulary of Toddlers

    Banajee, DiCarlo & Stricklin, (AAC 2003)

    50 toddlers between the ages of 2 & 3 years

  • Toddler Vocabulary Arranged by Frequency Words Percentage I 9.5 No 8.5 Yes/yea 7.6 my 5.8 the 5.2 want 5.0 is 4.9 it 4.9 that 4.9 a 4.6 go 4.4 mine 3.8 you 3.2 what 3.1 on 2.8 in 2.7 here 2.7 more 2.6 out 2.4 off 2.3 some 2.3 help 2.1 all done/finished 1.0

    96.3% Banajee et al.

    26 core words

    shown at left

    comprise 96.3

    percent of the total

    words used by

    toddlers in this


  • Your Turn

    Create sentences using 100 most frequently

    used word list.

    Challenge yourself with longer sentences.



  • Introducing Core Vocabulary

    High interest activities

    Generalize words

    Multiple meanings of words

    Caution with academics initially

    Balloons! How can these same words

    transfer to more academic activities?

  • Natural Language Development

    AAC Language Lab



    Speech therapist

  • Life is about the Nouns, right?


    Flash cards

    Board books

    Target vocabulary


  • Strategies

    Referential vs. descriptive teaching

    Engaging Activities

    Simplify definitions

    Alternate Ways to Assess


  • What is Referential Teaching?

    Questioning with an expected response of

    noun, date, or place.

    Generally requires only one word answer

    Often used with AAC users

    Often used with those who have limited

    language exposure/experience

    Lots of temporary word programming

  • What is Descriptive Teaching?

    Emphasizes use of core vocabulary

    Uses permanent words

    Words cross curriculum

    Words generalize to a variety of


    Teach concepts in vocabulary words

    Use core words to describe these


  • Shifting Mindset: Core vs. Target

    Referential vs. descriptive questions

    Common Core: S4P3. Students will demonstrate the relationship between the application of a force and the resulting change in position and motion on

    an object.

    Ref: What is the force that slows or stops motion?

    Answer: Friction

    Desc: What did you learn about friction?

    Answer: It stops things. It slows things.

    Reframe this one: What is the measure of speed in

    a certain direction? Answer: Velocity


  • Engaging Activities

    Friction: Where does the car go fastest?

    Vinyl, wood, carpet, ice, pavement

    Core words: fast, slow, go, stop, my, turn, I,

    want, get, it, big, little, you, more, like, dont,

    work, make, need, come, put, help (look at 60


  • Simplify Definitions with Core


    Identify key vocabulary

    Simplify key vocabulary

    Model core words to describe key words

  • Simplify Definitions

    Civil Rights Movement

    SS8H11 The student will evaluate the role of Georgia in the modern civil rights movement.

    Identify key vocabulary: Jim Crow Laws,

    Ku Klux Klan, Rosa Parks, segregation,

    Plessy v. Ferguson, etc.

    Simplify Key vocabulary: segregation,

    Rosa Parks, Jim Crow Laws

  • Simplify Key Vocabulary

    Segregation: enforced separation of

    whites/blacks (whites sit there, blacks sit here)

    Ku Klux Klan: secret organization in the south

    which aimed to suppress the newly acquired

    powers of blacks (bad people, mean to black

    people, dont like black people)

    Rosa Parks: African American woman whose

    arrest sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott

    (good lady, sat on bus with white people)

  • Middle School Science

    Emerging Communicator

    (1, 2, 3 words)

    More Proficient Communicator (3-6


    Mars First one; hottest It is the first one. It is the hottest.

    Venus Second one; like Earth It is the second one. It is like Earth.

    Orbit Go around something Go around something in a circle.

    Tide Water up down Water goes up and down (because

    earth pulls on the moon)

    Crater Big opening (in ground) Big opening in the ground made by

    something big falling

    Earth We live; third one We live here. It is the third one.

    Eclipse Hides another One thing in the sky hides another

  • Model Core Vocabulary

    Need to know the device

    Be familiar with the words

    Use the same words across curriculum

    Make cheat sheets

    Touch the device!

    Laser pointer


  • Alternate Ways to Assess

    ELACC1RL1 Ask and answer questions

    about key details in a text

    Want to assess whether a student can

    name a concept, try this:

  • More Alternate Ways to Assess

    Post Its

    A, B, C, D

    1, 2, 3, 4


    Spelling/What does it start with?

  • Elementary Language Arts

    Compare: What same

    Contrast: What different

    Character: Person

    Plot: Story about

    Setting: Where

    Conflict: Problem in story

    Author: Person who writes

  • Math examples

    Comparing decimals (more, less, big,

    small, first, next, last)

    Reading graphs (high, low, more than,

    less than, most, least, up, down, hot, cold)

    Math games (have, can, I, you, do)


  • Teaching Core and Having Fun

    Pretend Play or Academic Activity

    Cooking: What words would you typically

    associate with the activity?

    What are some better words?

    Turn on/off

    Get that

    Put in


  • Labeling Classroom

    Traditional vs. Core

    Door = go, out, in

    Light = turn, on, off

    Chair = sit

    Desk = I sit here or you, he, she sits here


  • What do the standards say?

    Core Curriculum Standards: Emphasize ability to

    answer open-ended questions

    National Core Curriculum Standards: Expect

    students to explain, make connections,

    compare/contrast, analyze, etc.

    There is no need to say a particular word, but

    rather tell about and talk about a topic

  • Summary

    Vocabulary of life dominated by core

    Flexible words, express any idea

    State Standard Curriculum can be

    addressed using core words

    Time and energy saved by avoiding

    adding unnecessary words to device

  • Why I do what I do

    Wants/needs became communication

    Power of a voice

    My name is Kyleigh. I am nine years old. I am in 3rd grade. This is my

    talker. It helps me speak. I like when my friends play with me. I feel happy.

    We play tic tac toe and cards at school. We listen to my MP3 player at

    home. I like Girl Scouts. The girls say hi to me and talk to me. They know I

    am observant. I work hard at math. My teachers dont know how hard it is.

    That makes me mad. Sometimes people ask me why I am disabled. I dont

    know what to say. I wish they would laugh and joke with me. I would like

    you if you would like me. Thank you for listening.

  • Questions/Comments


    Loan devices

    Assist with implementation

    Technical support

    Assist with getting a device


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