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  1. 1. Commercial Carpet Cleaning Why It Is Needed and How It Works? Why commercial carpet cleaning? During the day a commercial place is frequented by many, including bacteria, food particles, grease, dust mites, dirt, sand and various other pollutants. If these stay on your carpet for long, they will not only affect its quality but also the health of your employees. You would never want to risk the health of your employees hence commercial carpet cleaning is a necessity for your business. Next you might ask who will do the job for you most of the office cleaning in Melbourne companies provide dedicated commercial carpet cleaning services customized to suit your requirements. When you contact them for the job, they will come to your premises, ascertain the job, take a good look at your carpets and give you a special quote based on the stains on your carpets and the amount of cleaning it would need to completely get rid of them. Commercial carpet cleaning includes lot many things like deodorizer, protection, spot carpet cleaning as well as carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne. Office cleaning in Melbourne generally includes some of these things or more in a carpet cleaning plan, however based on your requirement you always have the option to include or remove a service that you think is not needed. But this is generally not suggested, as they are professionals at this and so know the job better than you. They would be the best to suggest the best for your carpets. If you feel your office carpets have become dirty and need some cleaning then hire office cleaning in Melbourne companies for best results. Source: