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How to Deal with Angry Customers

How to Deal with Angry Customers

IntroductionOrganization Needs Assessment Findings

IcebreakerClose your eyes and think back to a time when you had to deal with an angry customerHow well or horribly did it go?Did you diffuse the situation or did you blow up at the customer?Open eyes and briefly discuss your experiences with those in your small groupsBreak from small groups to share as one large group

AgendaObjectives5 step approachVideoActivity

5 Steps to Effectively Dealing with Angry Customers1. listen 2. separate your feelings from the situation3. apologize and encourage feedback4. offer a solution(s)5. follow up

Step 1: ListenLet the customer ventBe patientUnderstand the root of the frustration

Step 2: Separate Your Feelings from the SituationDo not take it personallyDo not put the blame on someone elseRemain professional

Step 3: Apologize and Encourage FeedbackEmpathizeWelcome conversation

Step 4: Offer a Solution(s)Put the customer firstAsk the customer for feedbackTake immediate action

Step 5: Follow UpVerify satisfactory assistance

Video ExampleBriefly explain videoLook for what is done wrongAssess what should be done instead incorporating 5 step approach

Video AssessmentWhat was done wrong?What should have been done instead?Extra thoughts or questions

Role Play ScenariosEmployee

Angry Customer

Manager/Observer5 StepsListenSeparate your feelings from the situationApologize and encourage feedbackOffer a solution(s)Follow up

Assessment of Role PlaysShare aloud experience in role playsWas anyone fired?Why?What would be done again to not be fired?

Takeaway & ApplicationJot down takeaways from trainingShare aloudQuestions? Final thoughts?

Wrap it upRepeat 5 StepsWhat did you learn?Learning objectiveThank all trainees

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