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Colonizing America

Colonizing AmericaUnit 1Lesson 1What does it mean to colonize an area?What are some reasons you may want to emigrate and seek a new life?Why did the British begin to colonize America?

Englands History

King Henry VIIIBecame King in 1509Married his brothers Widow, the Spanish princess Catherine of Aragon.After 20 years of marriage, Catherine gave Henry no sons and only one daughter, Mary.King Henry appealed to the pope to grant him an annulment.Annulment meant that the marriage of King Henry and Catherine would have never been valid.The Pope Said No!!!Henry saidbye!He broke with Rome and created his own national church The Church of England Anglican.Henry was known as Supreme Head of the Church in England.Henry dumped Catherine for Anne Boleyn.

Off With Her Head!Unfortunately, Anne only produced another daughter, Elizabeth.Henry had her head cut off.Henry ended up having 6 wives in all. Only his third wife, Jane Seymour, produced him a son.

England after Henry VIIIHenrys son, Edward VI, had a short reign. Died at the age of 15.Mary I takes over.

Mary IDevoutly Catholic. Wants to bring England back into the Catholic fold.Began to burn heretics at the stake.Became known as Bloody Mary.Even married Englands rival, the Spanish King.Died in 1558 leaving the throne to her sister, Elizabeth.Elizabeth I The Virgin QueenBrought England back into their protestant ways. Ran the Church of England as a protestant monarch.Wanted no religious turmoil in England.Encouraged exploration of the new world by men such as Sir Humphrey Gilbert and Sir Walter Raleigh.Defeated the Spanish Armada, making England the dominant authority on the seas.Now England could send more colonists to America without the fear of Spanish interference.

Reasons to make the MoveMoneyInvestors financed trips to the New World. They hoped to see profits come in the form of riches or cash crops.Cash crops highly prized crops that people are willing to pay a lot of money for (tobacco).ReligionEngland was a place of religious turmoil in throughout the 17th century.NewfoundlandSir Humphrey Gilbert claimed the area as Englands first oversees colony.Gilbert was unlucky on his return to England.This was only temporary. Was not meant to be permanent.

Roanoke ColonyAttempt by Elizabeth I to establish a permanent settlement in North America.Known as The Lost Colony.Sir Walter Raleigh was in charge of getting this colony started. He never went to America.

JamestownFirst permanent English settlement.Financed by the Virginia Company of London and its investors.Founded in 1607.Named after King James I. King James came to power in 1603.

King James IBecame king upon the death of Queen Elizabeth I.Supreme ruler of the church of England.Divine Right of KingsKing James Bible (the bible of the church of England)King James Bible vs. the Geneva Bible

PlymouthFounded by Pilgrims in 1620Signing of the Mayflower CompactBased on majority ruleFirst example of many colonial plans for self government

Primary vs. Secondary Sources - a historical document that was written or created during the time being studiedSecondary - a source that interprets and analyzes primary sources Read and Respond

Time to InvestigateFind a primary and a secondary source that supports the theory that early Jamestown settlers had to resort to cannibalism in order to survive.Cite your sources using Chicago style citations.