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2. Stages of Portfolio Development Stage Four: Evaluate the process and reviseStage Three: for future use.ImplementportfolioStage Two: Plan assessmentfor process ofportfolioStage one: Decide assessmentwhether portfolioassessment Iconsistent withyour teachingphilosophy 3. STAGE ONE: Is portfolio assessment for me?Clarify your beliefs about Literacy How do these beliefs influence how youwork with students?Clarify the purpose of assessment What is the relationship betweenassessment and instruction? 4. STAGE TWO: Planning for the portfolio process ofcollecting, selecting and assessing.Decide the content areas and the types ofmaterials you and the learners will collect.Decide on a schedule for developing portfolios.Decide on the criteria for choosing materials tomove from folder to portfolio.Develop a process for moving material fromfolder to portfolio.Develop criteria and process for assessingportfolios. 5. STAGE THREE: Implement portfolio assessment Introduce the concept to your students at the beginning of instruction as an integral part. Create folders and journals: ways to capture the process and the product of learning. Apply the criteria for moving materials from folders to portfolios. Move materials from folders to portfolios Assess the portfolios 6. STAGE FOUR: Evaluate the process and revise for future use. 7. Digitizing Portfolios 8. What is an E-Portfolio 9. Do You Need to DigitizeIts not about the technology. A portfolio doesnt have to be digital butpictures, video and audio change the whole experienceStudents love creating videos and finding and adding picturesThey can often talk about what and how they are learning much betterthan they can write it, so recording their reflections creates a rich pictureof their learningAudiences love seeing the growth over time that video and picturescapture so well 10. Benefits of e-PortfoliosThey can be shared and accessed and displayed anywhereMedia rich - can incorporate videos, pictures and other multi-media (audio)Interactive allow students/instructors to post comments, reflectionseasy to maintain, change, and updateImprove learners IT skills (aid in employability)Guide students to develop desired attributes, outcomes or skillsFacilitate communication and collaboration 11. Other BenefitsAllows individuals to store digital evidencetext,screen capture, photos, video and/or audiooftheir lifelong, learning journey in a format thatcan be reused for a variety of purposesIdea is to capture content through the use of thepersonal device they carry with them e.g., amobile phone or tablet or similar technology 12. Showcase for Students Work 13. Repository for Students Work 14. Process-Based Approach Collect Select Reflect Build/Link Publish Share 15. Different needs pull e-Portfolio efforts in differentdirectionsHow do we move as aAre teachers prepared?agency to authentic Are students motivated? assessment?Are these portfolios How do we fosterOF learning or reflective thinkingFOR learning? and learning?Or both?How do wecapitalize onAre ePortfoliosstudents use of accessible?Web 2.0 tools?Can we supportDoes the tool doePortfolios?what we need itto do? Does the tool work, period? 16. ConsiderationsBoth a process and a productResources available: hardware, software, scanners, digital cameras,digital video, audio filesLevel of technology: what skills are both you and your studentscomfortable/somewhat proficient with, but also what are willing to learnThe tools should allow the learner to feel in control of the process,including the "look and feel" of the portfolio. 17. Learners Authentic VoiceAs learners create their own electronicportfolios, their unique "voice" should beevident from navigating the portfolios andreading the reflections on the screen.In an electronic portfolio, the ability to addmultimedia elements expands thedefinition of "voice" within that rhetoricalconstruct 18. Voice = AuthenticityMultimedia expands the "voice" in an electronicportfolio (both literally and rhetorically)Personality of the author is evidentGives the reflections a uniquenessGives the feeling that the writer is talkingdirectly to the reader/viewer 19. What Goes in an EPortfolio 20. ToolsThe tools used to develop the portfolio should beaccessible to a learner throughout their chosen careerDependence on propriety software that is notaccessible to a learner after they leave a program,may not, in the long term, provide the skillsnecessary to maintain the e-portfolio as a lifelongprofessional development tool 21. Personal WebSpaceRather than limit peopleto the e-Portfolio model, why not developa model providing apersonal Web space for everyone, for theirlifetimes and beyond? Educause 04 22. Things You Can UseWikis wikispaces/pbwikisGoogle sitesFolio for - 23. References Helen Barrett Presentation on ePortfolios Creating Student ePortfolios with Google Sites Helen Barrett Portfolio Samples, explanations,reviews - last updated March 7, 2012 - 33 tools to date) Tools and Samples ePortfolios: a portal site EPortfolios - Penn State (video) PBWorks - evolving list of tools Wikispaces - Creating e-Portfolios