Collaborative Finance: Democratizing Finance, Money and Banking

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Post on 21-Apr-2017



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PowerPoint PresentationCOLLABORATIVE FINANCEDEMOCRATIZING FINANCE, MONEY AND BANKING1COLLABORATIVE FINANCEPERSON-TO-PERSON AND CROWD-DRIVEN FUNDING, LENDING, CURRENCY AND INVESTMENT MODELS THAT DECENTRALIZE AND DEMOCRATIZE FINANCE, MONEY AND BANKING.2Real EstateLendInvestFruitfullLandbayGroundfloorMoney360Small BusinessesFunding CircleSoMoLendPersonalCreative ProjectsKickstarterIndiegogoMassiveMovSmall BusinessesSeedrsCircleUpCivicCrowdriseStart Some GoodPersonalGoFundMeUpstartPaveTransferwiseMidpointP2P CashPeer TransferCurrencyFairZopaKivaLending ClubProsperSocietyOneSOCIAL LENDINGCROWDFUNDINGStripeBalancedSNAPSHOTP2P CURRENCY TRANSFERP2P PAYMENT PLATFORMSP2P INSURANCEP2P DIGITALCURRENCYFriendsuranceP2P PAYMENTNETWORKSMpesaMiCashObopayBitcoinRippleLitecoinNot about the technologiesDanger ahead: what new disruptions are on the horizon and who will be disrupted?It these drivers that are changing has power, and what and how we can access - everything from money to education to goods - marks the beginning of the end of the way so many traditional institutions have operated for hundreds of years.41RIFE WITH REDUNDANT MIDDLEMENFINANCIAL SERVICES RIPE FOR DISRUPTION2COMPLEX FEES AND PROCESSES ARE COMMON4MANY PEOPLE HAVE RESTRICTED ACCESS TO BANK ACCOUNTS, FUNDING, AND LOANS.3INSTITUTIONAL TRUST IN THE SYSTEM IS LOW5Just like newspapers.UNBUNDLING OF THE CONTENT FROM THE PHYSICAL DELIVERY SYSTEM.Newspaper news from the paperUniversities research, knowledge and teaching is being unbundled from the physical institution. Restructure their value chain to survive6UNBUNDLINGBENEFITS ARE BEING UNBUNDLED FROM THEIR PHYSICAL DELIVERY SYSTEMS TO CREATE GREATER ACCESS.NEWSPAPERS, EDUCATION AND NOW BANKING78HOW WILL THEY DISRUPT A LARGER ECOSYSTEM?Not what these ideas are today but what they could and will become?SMASH SACRED COWS: BELIEVE YOU DELIVER A UNIQUE VALUE92EMBRACE THE SHIFT FROM INSTITUTIONAL TRUST TO PEER TRUST HOW CAN YOU1RETHINK THE WAY PEOPLE CAN ACCESS ASSETS AND SERVICES THROUGH OPEN MODELS4THINK OF TECHNOLOGY NOT AS AN ADDED COMPLEX LAYER BUT AS A SIMPLIFIER3REMOVE REDUNDANT INTERMEDIARIES TO DIRECTLY MATCH WANTS AND HAVESremoves REDUNDANT intermediaries in the supply chain by a DIRECT match between local food producers with buyers.10