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  • City of Kitchener Volunteer ResourcesWho We AreWhat We Do and What We Can Do For YOU

  • Who Are You?

    How do you volunteer/ engage volunteers?

    (If you dont already- tell us how you might)

  • Who we areJanice OuelletteFacilitator of Volunteer Resources and Community Engagement- Corporate volunteer management policies and procedures- Corporate wide volunteer recognition opportunities and resources-Training, support and resources for staff who work with volunteersTraining, resources and support to affiliated groups (NAs and Minor Sports) Informal Volunteer Engagement Kitchener in Bloom, Earth Week Clean-ups, Festival of Neighbourhoods)- Community Engagement, City Hall 101- Corporate Volunteer ProgramCommunication and Marketing of Volunteer programEvaluation

  • Who We AreLeslie BamfordCoordinator of Volunteer Resources

    Recruiting, screening, placing volunteers in CofK direct programsLiaising with staff about volunteer requirements and progress of newly placed volunteersAdvertising our volunteer opportunities at volunteer fairs, through the Volunteer Action Centre, and occasionally on radio and in other print mediaNetworking with other volunteer coordinators in the community on best practicesRecognition of volunteers including dissemination of budgeted funds to staff for volunteer recognition, purchase of items with Volunteer Resources logo imprinted on them, purchase of gift certificates and thank you cards.Upkeep of in-house database of volunteersArranges a volunteer social each April for volunteers in Adults 50+

  • A quick HistoryCity of Kitchener long history of engaging volunteers delivery of services and programssupporting volunteer boards City affiliated organizations in their service to community residents

  • 1998 Community Services Department 25% of a supervisory positiondedicated to coordinating volunteermanagement for CSD- Primarily with adults 50+ programming

  • 2000 Galloway Operational ReviewRecommended creation of a section to focus solely on the management of volunteer resources more coordinated and pro-active approach to the City of Kitcheners volunteer management.

  • 2002 Volunteer Resources section was implementedFacilitator for Volunteer Resources role for the Coordinator of Volunteers was broadened to serve the department.

  • Since 2002, Volunteer Resources in CSD majority of volunteers are linked to this departmentservices and support- available to any City of Kitchener staff across the corporation or City of Kitchener support also for affiliated groups such as Minor Sports Groups and Neighbourhood Associations

  • 2002-2004Volunteer Resources vision, mission and value statements developed Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement reviewed with staff and adopted by Council.

  • 2004 informal volunteering or citizen engagement officially recognized coordination of a number of programs transferred to Volunteer Resources from various staff in Operations and Community Programs and Serviceseg. Earth Week, Kitchener in Bloom, Festival of Neighbourhoods

  • Brings it to us todayVolunteer Resources Centralized point of entry into volunteeringPromotion of volunteerismPolicies and procedures for volunteer and risk managementConsultation about volunteer supervision or support issuesTrainingDevelopment of new volunteer programsVolunteer recognition

  • 8000+ volunteers connected with CoK

    2000 Direct Volunteers those who volunteer directly for the City and report to City staff

    adults 50+ inclusionyouthKNAPwinter rinkssummer playgrounds arts and cultureaquaticsathleticsspecial eventsgolf coursesmarketauditoriumadvisory committees

  • Indirect Volunteerreport to another governing body or agency on behalf of the City

    Neighbourhood Associations (2000)Minor Sports groups (4000)

  • Informal Volunteer (not counted) members of the community who pitch in to help out the community on their own volition, in an unscheduled, non-structured way, and often

    not monitored by an agency or governing body

    (KIB, Earth Week, Festival of Neighbourhoods)

  • More and more areas of the corporation engaging volunteers

    Value of the corporation - Plan for a Healthy Kitchener- Corporate Plan

    (reflected in our mission, vision and code for volunteer involvement)

  • VisionTogether, we will build an innovative, caring and vibrant Kitchener with safe and thriving neighbourhoods.

  • Mission To proudly provide valued services and build community and Corporate capacity by inspiring volunteers, staff, elected officials, and all community members to be active contributors to Kitcheners Community Vision.

  • Volunteer involvement is vital to a just and democratic society.Volunteer involvement strengthens our community.Volunteer involvement mutually benefits both the volunteer and the City of Kitchener.Volunteer involvement is based on relationships.Values for Volunteer Involvement

  • Guiding Principles for Volunteer Involvement:The City of Kitchener recognized that volunteers are a vital human resource and will commit to the appropriate infrastructure to support volunteers.

    Volunteers make a commitment and are accountable to the City of Kitchener.

  • Standards for Volunteer InvolvementThe City of Kitchener acknowledges and supports the vital role of volunteers in achievingthe City of Kitcheners mission and Community Vision.

  • Standards for Volunteer InvolvementQualified persons are designated to be responsible for the overall volunteer program and the supervision of specific volunteer programs and volunteers.

  • Standards for Volunteer InvolvementVolunteer assignments address the purpose of the organization and involve volunteers in meaningful ways reflecting their various abilities, needs and backgrounds.

  • Standards for Volunteer InvolvementVolunteer recruitment and selection reaches out to diverse sources of volunteers.

  • Standards for Volunteer InvolvementA screening process is clearly communicated and consistently delivered.

  • Standards for Volunteer Involvement

    Volunteers are welcomed and treated as valuable and integral members of the broader City of Kitchener team.

  • Standards for Volunteer InvolvementVolunteers receive an orientation to the City of Kitchener, its policies and procedures, and receive training for their volunteer assignment(s).

  • Standards for Volunteer InvolvementVolunteers receive appropriate levels of supervision according to their task and are given regular opportunities to receive and give feedback.

  • Standards for Volunteer InvolvementThe contributions of volunteers are regularly acknowledged with formal and informal recognition methods.

  • Standards for Volunteer InvolvementPolicies and procedures provide a framework that defines and supports the involvement of volunteers within the organization.

  • Volunteer Management Policy and Procedures Manual

    located on the O-drive under volunteers/ Policies and Procedures)

  • Volunteerism Committeestaff advisory committee to Volunteer Resources staff volunteer management issues opportunities provide suggestions about new initiatives further develop the voluntary infrastructure throughout the CoK

  • Volunteerism Committee Topics of Discussion Philosophy / Organizational Values about Volunteer InvolvementPolicies and proceduresRisk managementPosition/program designRecruitmentScreeningOrientationTrainingReferralPlacementRecord keepingSupervision/support RecognitionEvaluation

  • Volunteerism CommitteeMembership of the Committee open to any staff representatives from sections, departments, or divisions throughout the Corporation of the City of Kitchener that provide manage direct City of Kitchener volunteers or support volunteers of affiliated groups, e.g., Minor Sports and Neighbourhood Associations.

  • Volunteerism CommitteeJanice Ouellette, Facilitator, Volunteer Resources Leslie Bamford, Coordinator, Volunteer ResourcesCarolyn Cormier, Adults 50+ CoordinatorBob Cheyne, Supervisor, Athletics Michele McBride-Roach, Coordinator, Winter Rinks/ Summer Playgrounds Fabienne Prior, District Facilitator, Community Centres/ Neighbourhood Assocs.Joshua Shea, KNAP CoordinatorDave Millar, Aquatics Supervisor Julie Marshall, Special Events CoordinatorCory Bluhm, Manager, Downtown DevelopmentJeremy Dueck, Supervisor, AuditoriumColin Goodeve, Administrator, Clerks

  • Volunteer Services StrategyStrategic Directions:

    1. Demonstrate Leadership and Commitment to Volunteerism and Raise the Profile of Volunteerism within the Corporation

    2. Expand the Participation of Volunteers by Establishing Connections and Partnerships and Strengthening the Communication of Volunteer Opportunities

    3. Expand and Improve Upon the Range of Volunteer and CommunityEngagement Opportunities Available

  • Volunteer Services StrategyStrategic Directions:

    4. Provide Staff and Volunteer Boards with Opportunities for Improved Training, Tools, and Resources to Build Capacity and Effectively Manage Volunteers

    5. Strengthen the Value of Volunteerism to the City and Volunteers, by improving the Tools, Mechanisms, and Processes for Providing Feedback and Recognition

    6. Improve the Communication and Evaluation of Volunteer Successes and Contributions to Raise the Profile of Volunteerism within the Community and Plan for the Future

  • Let us answer YOUR questions

    Janice- so our role is to serve volunteers- by making sure there are good volunteer opportunities for them to participate in and share their skills

    AND to wo