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Inspired by Hanois exciting convergence of history with modernity, and energy with serenity, the Summer 2014 collection A Midsummer Daydream is all about finding precious moments of peace away from the bustle of modern life.


<ul><li><p>1SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/20152</p></li><li><p>Inspired by Hanois exciting convergence of history with modernity, and energy with serenity, the summer 2014/2015 collection A MidsuMMer dAydreAM is all about finding precious moments of peace away </p><p>from the bustle of modern life. </p><p>Make your home a cool and comfy sanctuary throughout a long and balmy summer. This is your time, so revel in it, relax into a good hammock-worthy book and sip a tall, cool </p><p>drink in the shade.</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/20154</p><p>01 Patchwork cushion cover $44.90, teo striPed Linen cushion cover $59.90 02 tuLiP rattan Light shade $139 03 gava PLanters from $39.90ea 04 Lodix Linen throw $239 05 cushion covers from $49.90ea </p><p>06 Prado Photo frame $229 07 Lattice Lantern $129 Right cushion covers from $49.90ea, st JosePh throw $119, hanoi rattan daybed with squab cushions $2280, Lakeside smock toP $109, box bead neckLace $19.90</p><p>soft and gently worn in textures </p><p>find a place easily in modern homes.</p><p>01</p><p>03</p><p>04</p><p>05</p><p>07</p><p>02</p><p>06</p></li><li><p>5SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/20156</p></li><li><p>7SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p><p>01 chi Light shade from $89.90 02 PiLLar candLes from $4.90 03 tai Linen cushion cover $29.90, Lantern cushion cover $59.90 04 gava dish from $18.90 05 concertina disPLay sheLves $2290 06 st JosePh throw $119, </p><p>cushion covers from $34.90ea 07 Prado Photo frame $219 08 dynasty woven Lumbar cushion cover $44.90Left Light shades from $89.90ea </p><p>01 03</p><p>04</p><p>05</p><p>07</p><p>02</p><p>06</p><p>08</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/20158</p><p>fRom Left to Right Peacock stooL $159, tufted cobbLe squab $29.90, maLawi chair $559, tai Linen cushion cover $29.90, bistro dining chair $339, tufted squab $22.90, caf dining chair $339, bakuL baskets $49.90ea</p></li><li><p>9SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/201510</p><p>01 Lattice Light shades from $94.90ea 02 st JosePh throw $119, cushion covers from $54.90ea 03 Prado Photo frame $179 04 bakuL baskets $49.90ea 05 american oak coffee tabLe $699 06 Lotus cushion cover $59.90</p><p>sultry hues are accented with bright </p><p>pops of citron.</p><p>01</p><p>03</p><p>04</p><p>05</p><p>02</p><p>06</p></li><li><p>11SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p><p>01 ocean soy candLe $49.90 02 beLL rattan Light shade $99.90 03 squabs from $22.90ea, cushion cover $59.90 04 candLe vases from $49.90ea 05 geometric screen $984 06 st JosePh throws $119ea </p><p>07 tien cushion cover $34.90, tai Linen cushion cover $44.90 08 bakso stooL $129</p><p>01</p><p>03</p><p>04</p><p>05</p><p>07</p><p>02</p><p>06</p><p>08</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/201512</p><p>CLoCkwise fRom top Left: 01 Light shades from $94.90ea 02 c Ph aPPLiqu cushion cover $74.90, tai Linen cushion cover $44.90 03 Lotus cushion cover $59.90, dynasty woven Lumbar cushion cover $44.90, </p><p>teo striPed Linen cushion cover $59.90 04 market embroidered Lumbar cushion cover $64.90, ananas cushion cover $44.90 Right hammock $119, cushion covers from $44.90ea, squabs from $22.90ea, </p><p>st JosePh throw $119, Lychee t-shirt dress $79.90, box bead neckLace $19.90</p></li><li><p>13SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/201514</p><p>01 beLL rattan Light shade $99.90 02 PaLms cushion cover $29.90, Pathway cushion cover $34.90 03 gabon vase $139 04 Peacock stooL $159 05 Prado Photo frame $229 06 cushion covers from $29.90 </p><p>07 Pink graPefruit soy candLe $49.90 08 etager sheLves from $990 09 american oak coffee tabLe from $289</p><p>01</p><p>03</p><p>04</p><p>05</p><p>07</p><p>02</p><p>06</p><p>08</p><p>09</p></li><li><p>15SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p><p>01 Prado Photo frame $179 02 maLawi chair $559 03 chi wooL rug from $890 04 caf dining chair $339 05 cushion covers from $34.40ea</p><p>sleek rattan chairs are a modern </p><p>twist on a tropical material.</p><p>01</p><p>03</p><p>04</p><p>05</p><p>02</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/201516</p></li><li><p>17SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p><p>CLoCkwise fRom top Left: 01 oak kitchen boards from $84.90ea, rockPooL bowL $19.90, medLey cocktaiL PaPer naPkin $4.90 s/20 02 Patchwork and JungLe tea toweLs $11.90ea 03 trays from $49.90ea </p><p>04 dine Linen naPkins $12.90ea Left caf dining chair $339, tufted squabs $22.90ea, bistro dining chair $339, american oak dining tabLe $1590, Lychee Light shade $129, oLd town baskets from $13.90, Pranzo PLacemat $8.90</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/201518</p><p>Patchwork design inspired by Hanois </p><p>courtyards.</p><p>01 Patchwork tray from $49.90 02 Patchwork ceramics from $19.90ea 03 PomPei PLatter $169 04 Patchwork coated tabLecLoth from $59.90 05 tasting wine carafe $44.90, tasting wine gLasses $69.90 s/6 </p><p>06 oak kitchen board $129 07 dine Linen naPkins $12.90ea 08 bevanda gLass tumbLers $59.90 s/3 Right Patchwork ceramics from $19.90ea, oak kitchen boards from $84.90ea, dine Linen naPkin $12.90, </p><p>Patchwork tea toweL $11.90, rattan coaster $34.90 s/6</p><p>01</p><p>03</p><p>04</p><p>05</p><p>07</p><p>02</p><p>06</p><p>08</p></li><li><p>19SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/201520</p><p>01 PineaPPLe fieLds ceramics from $19.90ea 02 PineaPPLe coffee cuP $19.90 03 medLey tea toweL $11.90 04 medLey oven gLove $29.90 05 Patchwork striPe coffee cuP $19.90 06 acacia choPPing board from $34.90 </p><p>07 medLey tray $69.90 08 medLey aPron $39.90 09 dish cLoths from $8.90ea</p><p>01</p><p>03</p><p>04</p><p>05</p><p>07</p><p>02</p><p>06</p><p>08</p><p>09</p></li><li><p>21SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p><p>01 a bit fruity tea toweL $11.90 02 PineaPPLe side PLate $22.90, PineaPPLe fieLds Lunch PLate $24.90 03 oak kitchen boards from $84.90ea 04 PineaPPLe fieLds coffee cuP $19.90 05 rockPooL bowL $19.90 </p><p>06 PineaPPLe fieLds saLad bowL $59.90 07 bistro dining chair $339</p><p>Leafy botanicals and tropical fruit hang from </p><p>secluded balconies.</p><p>01</p><p>03</p><p>04</p><p>05</p><p>07</p><p>02</p><p>06</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/201522</p><p>fRom Left to Right Patchwork, JungLe, a bit fruity and medLey tea toweLs $11.90ea</p></li><li><p>23SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/201524</p></li><li><p>25SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p><p>01 standard PiPed PiLLowcases $49.90Pr, courtyard euro PiLLowcase $29.90ea 02 ananas duvet cover from $99 03 ian the Pig $26.90 04 st JosePh throw $119, cushion covers from $44.90ea 05 keeLai baskets from $59.90ea </p><p>06 courtyard duvet cover from $119 Left tuLiP rattan Light shade $139, ananas duvet cover from $99, Lodix Linen throw $239, seed standard PiLLowcases $49.90Pr, midnight garden embroidered cushion cover $69.90</p><p>Bamboo hues are subtle, calm and </p><p>soothing.</p><p>01</p><p>03</p><p>04</p><p>05</p><p>02</p><p>06</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/201526</p><p>100% Linen sove Linen duvet covers avaiLabLe in bamboo (toP Left), mist (toP right), bLack (bottom right), oyster (bottom </p><p>Left) and ecru from $189. Linen PiLLowcases avaiLabLe in ecru (toP Left), Jade (toP right), citron (bottom right), ink (bottom Left), bamboo, mist, bLack and oyster. standard PiLLowcases $59.90Pr, Lodge PiLLowcases $64.90Pr </p><p>and euro PiLLowcases $34.90ea Right st JosePh throws $119ea</p></li><li><p>27SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p><p>01 scented soy candLe $34.90 02 anders reversibLe Lumbar cushion $59.90 03 oak coffee tabLe from $289 04 Love-heart embroidered cushion cover $64.90, herman striPe cushion cover $54.90 05 LamP from $79.90 </p><p>06 netted Laundry hamPers from $69.90ea 07 Petra LambswooL throw $199 08 netted baskets from $29.90ea 09 Luna cushion cover $49.90</p><p>100% Linen copy here</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/201528</p></li><li><p>29SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p><p>01 midnight garden duvet cover from $119 02 midnight garden Lounge Pants $69.90 03 midnight garden standard PiLLowcase $49.90Pr, sove Linen euro PiLLowcase $34.90ea 04 st JosePh throw $119 05 midnight garden </p><p>dressing gown $89.90 06 midnight garden night dress $64.90 07 midnight garden embroidered cushion cover $69.90 Right midnight garden duvet cover from $119, PaLoma cami and boxer set $69.90</p><p>secret gardens offer a shaded </p><p>retreat.</p><p>01</p><p>03</p><p>0405</p><p>07</p><p>02</p><p>06</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/201530</p><p>CLoCkwise fRom top Left: 01 hanoi woven bedsPread from $139 02 organic cotton seed sheet set from $179, seed standard PiLLowcase $49.90Pr, seed euro PiLLowcase $24.90ea 03 Pathway duvet cover from $99, market embroidered cushion cover $64.90, st JosePh throw $119 04 sowing baskets from $29.90ea Right tuLiP rattan </p><p>Light shade $139, Pathway duvet cover from $99, Pathway standard PiLLowcases $39.90Pr, sove Linen standard PiLLowcases $59.90Pr, organic cotton seed sheet set from $179, st JosePh throw $119, kiLon side tabLe $229</p><p>Balmy evenings call for cooling colours and textures like </p><p>traditional indigo tones and natural fibres.</p><p>ORGANIC COttON</p></li><li><p>31SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/201532</p><p>01 monkey taLe reversibLe standard PiLLowcase $49.90Pr, monkey taLe reversibLe euro PiLLowcase $29.90ea 02 monkey taLe reversibLe duvet cover from $119 03 Les the LeoPard $34.90 04 rory the Lion $39.90 </p><p>05 mai and Lychee notebooks $14.90 s/2 06 JungLe wooL rug $469 07 kiko bLankets from $69.90ea</p><p>Les the Leopard presides over a </p><p>menagerie of playful jungle dwelling </p><p>characters.</p><p>01</p><p>03</p><p>04</p><p>05</p><p>07</p><p>02</p><p>06</p></li><li><p>33SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p><p>01 monkey taLe wraPPing PaPer $7.90 02 Lotus gift tag $2.90 03 Lotus and vines notebooks $14.90 s/2 04 wraPPing PaPer $7.90ea, monkey taLe gift tag $2.90 05 bamboo storage baskets from $39.90ea </p><p>06 monkey taLe gift tag $2.90 07 mai gift card $5.90 08 monkey taLe birthday card $5.90</p><p>Tis equally nice to give and </p><p>receive, with the new seasons </p><p>stationery.</p><p>01</p><p>03</p><p>04</p><p>05</p><p>07</p><p>02</p><p>06</p><p>08</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/201534</p></li><li><p>35SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p><p>fRom Left to Right criss cross hand toweL $16.90, Pathway hand toweL $16.90, criss cross face cLoth $6.90</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/201536</p></li><li><p>37SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p><p>01 coconut and Lime soy candLe $24.90 02 criss cross bath toweL $44.90 03 criss cross shower curtain $29.90 04 Phoenix wash bag $17.90, ananas wash bags from $19.90ea 05 sPindLe storage baskets from $69.90ea </p><p>06 criss cross toweLs from $6.90 07 keeLai Laundry baskets from $134ea Left criss cross shower curtain $29.90, bande guest toweLs from $14.90, geometric screen $984, keeLai baskets from $59.90ea, </p><p>organic striPe bath sheet/wraP $69.90</p><p>Tiny, gently geometric </p><p>patterns offer a lacy sense of </p><p>refinement.</p><p>01</p><p>03</p><p>0405</p><p>07</p><p>02</p><p>06</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/201538</p><p>01 Pathway bath toweL $44.90 02 seedLing rascheL dressing gown $79.90 03 PaLoma cami and boxer set $69.90 04 terrace wash bags from $17.90ea 05 Pathway toweLs from $6.90 06 mai wash bags from $34.90ea </p><p>07 rose and geranium soy candLe $24.90 Right organic striPe bath sheets/wraPs $69.90ea</p><p>The new luxury: delicate prints and soothing textures.</p><p>01</p><p>03</p><p>04</p><p>05</p><p>07</p><p>02</p><p>06</p></li><li><p>39SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/201540</p></li><li><p>41SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p><p>01 Lakeside smock $109 02 Lychee beach bag $44.90 03 temPLe PooL toweL $44.90 04 Lychee cooLer bags from $39.90ea 05 PineaPPLe beach toweL $69.90 06 Lacquered JeweLLery box $119</p><p>Left Phoenix and merchant beach toweLs $69.90ea</p><p>Add a dash of fresh-squeezed </p><p>citron for flavour.</p><p>01</p><p>03</p><p>04</p><p>05</p><p>02</p><p>06</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/201542</p><p>01 siesta sun hat $29.90 02 criss cross canvas Pouch $19.90 and tote $44.90 03 zig zag Leather coin Purse $39.90 04 oLivia beach shirt $79.90, criss cross weekender $99.90 05 PineaPPLe beach bag $59.90 </p><p>06 Lotus beach toweL $69.90 07 quattrogradi highbaLL tumbLers $44.90 s/6 08 chi beach bag $44.90 </p><p>01</p><p>03</p><p>04</p><p>05</p><p>07</p><p>02</p><p>06</p><p>08</p></li><li><p>43SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p><p>01 Lychee sun toP $69.90, zig zag Leather coin Purse $39.90, hooP bead neckLace $19.90 02 chi beach toweL $69.90 03 Lychee beach toweL $69.90 04 tuffi fruitti soy candLe $24.90 05 quattrogradi tumbLers $39.90 s/6 </p><p>06 quattrogradi Jug $44.90 07 temPLe beach bag $59.90</p><p>Hit a blue note a personal reminder </p><p>of skies and sea.</p><p>01</p><p>03</p><p>04</p><p>05</p><p>07</p><p>02</p><p>06</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/201544</p><p>CLoCkwise fRom top Left: 01 LeoPard Leather coin Purse $59.90, Lychee sun toP $69.90 02 Lychee t-shirt dress $79.90, may Leather handbag $94.90, tasseL Leather key hoLder $19.90 03 grace sun hat $229, hooP bead </p><p>neckLace $19.90, Lychee sun toP $69.90 04 Lychee t-shirt dress $79.90, may Leather coin Purse $59.90 Right Lychee sun toP $69.90, may Leather coin Purse $59.90, hooP bead neckLace $19.90</p></li><li><p>45SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/201546</p></li><li><p>47SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p><p>01 LeoPard Leather coin Purse $59.90 02 may Leather cLutch $79.90, may Leather handbag $94.90 03 Lychee Pintuck dress $99.90 04 snakes canvas tote $44.90 05 snakes canvas weekender $99.90 </p><p>06 mendes sun hat $189, east west kurta $79.90 07 JeweL box from $119 Left Lychee key hoLe kaftan $129, LeoPard Leather coin Purse $59.90</p><p>01</p><p>03</p><p>04</p><p>05</p><p>07</p><p>06</p><p>02</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/201548</p><p>01 mendes hat $189 02 Prado Photo frame $69.90 03 tiLe mens dressing gown $89.90 04 verbena soy candLe $49.90 05 keeLai baskets from $94.90ea 06 gLobe toweLs from $6.90 07 wiLde Leather and canvas satcheL $369 </p><p>08 wash bags from $19.90 Right mendes hat $189, wiLde Leather and canvas satcheL $369</p><p>01</p><p>03</p><p>04</p><p>05</p><p>07</p><p>02</p><p>06</p><p>08</p></li><li><p>49SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p></li><li><p>SUMMER 2014/201550</p></li><li><p>51SHOP ONLINE WWW.CITTADESIGN.COM</p></li><li><p>CittA Design stoRes</p><p>new ZeALAnD</p><p>AUCkLAnDbritomartcnr galway &amp; gore sts, britomart P 09 336 1806 e</p><p>grey Lynn34 westmoreland st west, grey Lynn P 09 972 9293 e</p><p>miLfordnew store opening soon!</p><p>mt edenbLoc / Level 1, 20 normanby rd, mt eden P 09 631 0917 e</p><p>hAmiLtonthe base, te rapa P 07 929 4027 e</p><p>weLLington11 college st P 04 385 6398 e</p><p>ChRistChURChballantynes / cnr cashel &amp; colombo sts P 03 379 7400 e</p><p>timARUballantynes / 314 stafford st P 03 684 5089 e</p><p>DUneDinarthur barnett / meridian mall, george st P 03 477 1129 e</p><p>inVeRCARgiLLh&amp;J smith / 66-74 tay st P 03 211 0199 e</p><p>otheR mAJoR stoCkists</p><p>AUCkLAnDcorso de fiori / the foundation 8 george st, newmarket </p><p>weLLington corso de fiori / woolstore design centre 258 thorndon quay, Pipitea</p><p>WWW.CITTADESIGN.COMshop onLine</p><p>AUstRALiA</p><p>sYDneY surry hiLLs493 bourke st, surry hills P 02 9328 6778 e</p><p>otheR mAJoR stoCkists</p><p>meLBoURnerichmond voyager interiors 477 church st, richmond vic 3121</p><p>baLLarat voyager interiors1320 howitt st, wendouree vic 3355 </p><p>for a full list of stockists visit our website www.CittADesign.Com Prices &amp; participation may vary.</p><p>sUBsCRiBe for catalogues and info about events, giveaways and special offers visit to enter your details, or sign up in store.</p><p>summer coLLection 2014/2015 Product and textiles designed in new zealand by imogen tunnicliffe, carina ferguson, amy tonkin, holly clarke, euan mckechnie and Jonathan field.</p><p>styList victoria bell PhotograPher tony brownjohn</p><p>modeL brooke evaga from clyne models modeL sabine mignault (Pg 33) shoes Provided by shoe connection</p></li></ul>