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The "Circles of reasoning" is a model for the classification and definition of the levels of influential sources of events happening in the universe. In this book it is assumed that the universe is consisted of four elements that they continuously change or convert to each other based on an special form of chains of events.


<ul><li> 1. Circles of ReasoningBy: Reza Assadi</li></ul> <p> 2. Aristotle assumed that our world consists of four main elements (air, water, fire, and sand). But now this theory is not accepted. But we can divide the universe to another four elements 3. Four elements of the universeInformationLife MassEnergy 4. What forces are known in the universe? 5. Four known forces of the universe 1. Gravity - This force acts between all mass in the universe and it has infinite range. 2. Electromagnetic - This acts between electrically charged particles. Electricity, magnetism, and light are all produced by this force and it also has infinite range. 3. The Strong Force - This force binds neutrons and protons together in the cores of atoms and is a short range force. 4. Weak Force This causes Beta decay (the conversion of a neutron to a proton, an electron and an antineutrino)Reference: 6. The fifth force? Potential energy of the events? 7. What is an Event? 8. MASSENERGY Equivalence Is the concept that the Mass of a body is a measure of its Energy content 9. All Elements Are in Equivalence The MASSENERGY Equivalence can be extended to other two elements. It means amount of energy, mass, life and information is constant in the universe and these elements continuously converts to each other 10. So Any body or object exist in the universe is the combination of these four elements, while by happening of the events the stages or combination of them changes. 11. Lets return to previous questionWhat is an event? 12. So the event isConversion of one element to another or change in stage of an elements 13. This Conversion Have Loads Negative, when conversion is toward lower elements or stages of them Positive, when conversion is toward higher elements or stages of them 14. Positive or Negative forces of events stores some sort of energy or force 15. Potential Energy of Event I call this force the potential energy of the event, this is not a usual energy as the first element. This is a fundamental force like the mentioned four forces. 16. The potential energy of the event This force stores -lets imagine it rotates- around the responsible object or entity until neutralized or released 17. The potential energy of the event These forces are too low to be understood for many events of low energy. While as much as the conversion is greater is extent and stage this force is larger in power 18. Rotation of these energies around So we can assume rotation of these forces around each body or entity in the universe; These forces has two different loads; They might collate each other if be close enough temporally or physically 19. What happen When they collateBased on the loads, closeness and amount of force they add or subtract each other 20. Circle of Reasoning This forces as assumed rotating around a body due to especial event with definite load are so called a circle of reasoning 21. Tornado of the forces Accumulation of all this coalitions and forces or the circles f reasoning- creates tornado-like movements of the forces 22. Circles of the reasoning These tornados are combination of circles of reasoning that continuously produces, releases, weakened and empowered in the universe; This is what I called:Circles of Reasoning. 23. To know more find this book at below bookstores: Amazon: Smashwords Publishing:</p>