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  • 1. Howthis book works

2. Once upon a time, 50% of Americans smoked
3. No one thought it was a big deal
4. But the tobacco Companies did!
5. They even put Cigarettes on the couch
6. 7. Philip Morris used it to develop Marlboro
8. They discovered this crest and the words:
Veni. Vidi. Vici.I came. I saw. I conquered.
9. Marlboro was a kind of medal
10. Boys everywhere want to prove themselves
11. Smoking is what teens seek out for initiation
12. Marlboro is the classic coming-of-age symbol
13. Marlboro is the initiation brand of 70% of
male teens because of what it stands for
14. =
This is what Marlboro stands for-
-every brand has its own meaning
15. =
Something smokers didnt realize
at the timethe bonded
16. It represents an unconscious deal they
made at their coming-of-age moment
17. A young persons bond with their idea of adulthood
18. Something theyll forget when they grow up
19. Unlike food or drink or even drugs
there is no obvious rationale for smoking
20. It is more like a belief system supported by addiction
21. When they try to quit 10, 20 or 30 years later,
they are unaware of this psychic bond
22. So heres where this book helps
23. It tells you what the brands do and why
24. Once you understand what they mean to you
25. And youre ready to quit
26. This takes the magic out of smoking
Bringing it from the sublime.
27. To the ridiculous!
28. There is just no going back!
29. Youll walk a mile from your Camel
30. You are no longer seduced!
Music by Jennie Walker: The Subway Glass