Christmas in Greece 21 st Primary school of Athens

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Christmas in Greece

Christmas in Greece21st Primary school of Athens

The Christmas treeWe decorate the Christmas tree. This tradition comes from ancient times, upon which people used to decorate their homes for the new year with tree branches. This was done for good health and prosperity.

The boatThis is a tradition in Greek islands. They decorate a boat and some years ago children sang the Christmas carols holding this boat.The students painted this boat:

The carolsEvery geographical district has developed over the years special carols that are sang by children the day before the Christmas day, the new year day and the Epiphany day.

Useful links for Greek carols:

The Christmas breadThis is a special bread for the Christmas day. They make it with the best ingredients and they decorate it .This is the Christmas bread which we baked.

The new year pieThis is a cake or a bread for new year day. We usually insert a coin and whoever gets it will have good luck.

The Holy 12-daysIn the orthodox church the period from 25/12 until 6/1 is named the holy 12days. The holy 12days in the orthodox angiography:25/12 : Christmas

The Holy 12-days1/1: Saint VassileiosThe children expect their presents to be delivered to them on new years eve.

The Holy 12-days6/1: The Epiphany. People attend the church ceremony for the blessing of water. The priest throws the cross into the sea and the youngsters dive in to take it.

We wish you.A merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!!