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<ul><li><p>Chris Dowling Resume </p><p>A: 454 A Canning Highway, Como WA 6152 </p><p>M: 0408 749 845 E: </p><p>Australian Citizen </p><p>Career Objective I would like to continue working in the WA mining or construction industry ideally on a FIFO roster. As I do not have any dependents, I am flexible with rosters including 4&amp;1. My main aim is to continue working as a TA or a Bus Driver; however, I would also be open to utilities positions that may be available. I am ideally looking for long-term work; however, I am also open to working on shutdowns and short-term Perth-based roles. </p><p>Qualifications &amp; Tickets </p><p> WA HR Driver's Licence o F-Extension (Bus Licence) </p><p> Confined Space Ticket </p><p> WP (Working Platform) Ticket </p><p> Front End Loader Ticket </p><p> Forklift Ticket </p><p> First Aid Certificate </p><p> Working at Heights (Rio Tinto GAP Training) </p><p> Basic Fire-fighter Training </p><p> White Card </p><p> Certified Snake Handler </p><p> Rio Tinto HSE Induction Card (Exp: 2016) and Rio Tinto Lockholders 2.2 </p><p> Light Vehicle Training </p><p>Personal Attributes &amp; Strengths </p><p> Good attendance record: o Never missed a flight, never blown numbers and never late for work </p><p> Flexible with dual/shared accommodation </p><p> Fit and healthy - able to pass drug and alcohol test/medical </p><p> Good OHS record (no injuries and no workers compensations claims) </p><p> Able to work long hours (12+ hour shifts) and shift-work (days, nights) </p><p> Ability and willingness to work long rosters including 4&amp;1 </p><p> Work well as part of a team or unsupervised </p><p> Ability to work at heights and in confined spaces </p><p> Ability to obtain a police clearance </p></li><li><p>Employment History Sep 2015 to Oct 2016 RCR Tomlinson (through Programmed Recruitment) Position: Electrical Trades Assistant (FIFO 3&amp;1) </p><p> Assisting Electricians with installation of o switchboards, conduits, brackets, cable tray lids, HV and LV cable etc. </p><p> Watch-keeping/gatekeeping </p><p> Working to all safety procedures including JHA's, Take 5's, etc. </p><p> Project/Site: Gorgon LNG Construction Project Mar 2013 to May 2015 Southern Cross Electrical Engineering </p><p>Position: Trades Assistant (FIFO 4&amp;1) </p><p> Assisting Electricians in the installation of: o Cable ladders/trays, HV and LV cables, underground cables o Wiring of conveyors and stackers o Assisting with installation and construction of substations </p><p> Heat-shrinking cables </p><p> Bus Driver duties o Operating a 22-seater bus o Dropping off and picking up workers from site, airport runs etc </p><p> Trenching work </p><p> Working at heights and off EWP </p><p> Operating a service truck and filling up machinery/equipment </p><p> Working to all OHS procedures including filling out Take 5's, JHA's, pre-start on machines, isolation of equipment </p><p> Project/Site: o Rio Tinto - Marandoo, Cape Lambert, West Angelas o Dampier Salt o Beenyup Wastewater Treatment Plant in Perth </p><p> Oct 2010 to Mar 2013 ISS </p><p>Position: Bus Driver/Utilities Worker (FIFO) </p><p> Driving a triple-axle 52-seater coach and 21-seater Hino bus </p><p> Operating a waste disposal truck </p><p> Driving workers to and from worksites and conducting airport runs </p><p> Utilities work including camp cleaning, sorting out linen etc </p><p> OHS responsibility including filling out all Take 5's, JHA's and pre-starts on machines </p><p> Project/Site: o Rio Tinto Mesa J </p><p> 2007 to Sep 2010 ESS </p><p>Position: Bus Driver/Utilities Worker (FIFO) </p><p> Same duties as with ISS </p><p> Project/Site: o BHP - Mount Keith o Barrick Gold - Osborne Mine </p><p> Prior to 2007 working in industry not related to mining, more details available on request </p></li><li><p>References Ben Thurston Supervisor Chevron M: 0438 480 689 Andy Kercy Superintendent Chevron (Client) M: 0422 225 802 Peter Paget Supervisor CB&amp;I Kentz M: 0437 880 212 Robert Hillman Supervisor CB&amp;I Kentz M: 0419 667 543 Dean Carter Supervisor CB&amp;I Kentz M: 0402 073 981 Colin Brownrigg - Bus Supervisor ISS Pannawonica M: 0407 472 695 Malcolm Kinvig - Project Manager SCEE M: 0447 002 650 Luke DeIudicibus - Supervisor SCEE M: 0417 182 692 Garth Holman - Leading Hand SCEE M: 0477 382 514 Tony Petersen Supervisor SCEE M: 0408 436 388 Geoffrey Carroll - Trainer/Assessor ESS M: 0403 234 954 Sue Ellen Manager ISS (Mount Keith) M: 0407 688 958 Margaret Metzger - Bus Manager Rio Tinto Mesa J M: 0448 875 157 Dan Western Manager ESS (Osborne Mine) M: 0416 111 779 </p></li></ul>