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<ol><li> 1. CHOOSING A RELIABLE PET SITTER By Dr. Todd Prince </li><li> 2. Introduction A veterinarian for 25 years, Dr. Todd Prince has board certification for Small Animal Practice. In his work at Wheaton Animal Hospital in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, Dr. Todd Prince and his colleagues and staff provide discounted veterinary care to area humane and rescue organizations, as well as educational information to help people give the best care to their pets. When people with pets travel, many want to find a sitter rather than board their animals in a kennel. Pet sitters offer the benefits of providing activity and interaction with pets while working in the pets home. </li><li> 3. Reliable Pet Sitter Professional pet sitters and dog walkers offer the benefit of insured, licensed, and bonded services. Interested pet parents can look at online reviews and ask for references to determine the firms level of service and standing in the community. Personal connections provide the assurance of hiring someone pet owners know. This option gives pets the chance for care from the same person every day. In all cases, owners want to check on the people they interview. Qualities owners might look for include whether the person loves animals, their level of responsibility, and whether they know pet first aid. Concerned pet parents should never discount the value of gut instinct when looking for the right pet nanny. </li></ol>