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  1. 1. Found in the age of Three Kingdoms (220 -265 AD ) at the Wu kingdom, which is locatedin the southeast China. Cao Buxing is the founder of ChineseBuddhism Paintings.
  2. 2. Cao Buxing () The painter of Eastern Wu ( Ruled by Sun Quan ). Father of Chinese Buddhist painting. Famous in drawing dragon, horse, tiger, and human portraits. Sun Quan build a temple for Kang Shanghui
  3. 3. Wei Xie ()Apprentice of Cao BuxingExport in painting god and BuddhaOne of the painting sage
  4. 4. Lu Tanwei () Export in painting portraits palace painter for the empire
  5. 5. Zhang Sengyou () Export in drawing portrait and Buddhism paintings Most of paintings are frescos and murals Come out a Different style then Lu Tanwei and Cao Buxing Zhang style "Sparse characterpicture with out bones The used of color create a sense of 3 dimension
  6. 6. < Snow Mountain and Red Tree >
  7. 7. Cao Zhongda () From central Asia Export in portraits and clay Cao Style Clothes are tight with Dense thin lines Like wearing on a wet clothe This style directly influence Sui, Tang and Song Chinese Buddhist painters.
  8. 8. Wu Daozi ()Expert in Buddhist paintings and portraitsMost of his paintings are fresco and muralsWu styleCloths and sleeves are loose
  9. 9. Buddhist painting beforeTang Dynasty (618 -907) , reflects solemnBuddha and bodhisattva withcalm and quiet looks.
  10. 10. After Song Dynasty, literatipainting becomeflourished, which makeChinese Buddhist paintingdivided into two schools. Oneinherited the Old rule andanother to uninhibitedtreacherous.
  11. 11. Li Gonglin ()Export in portrait, Buddhist, Taoism, andhorse painting.Paint with lines which is called the whitesketch.His style was influence by Wu daozi
  12. 12. Liang Kia ()Expert in painting land scape and portraitsThe most famous for developing the XieYipainting.Evoke the subject with minimal details.
  13. 13. Ding Yunpeng () Expert at painting portrait and Buda His style was influence by the Wen school.
  14. 14. Ding Guanpeng () He study oil painting Spend about 50 year in Palace painting academy. Expert in painting Buddhist and landScape Paint in 3D
  15. 15. Combination of Eastern and Western style Some times with cartoon characters More idealized Buddhist painting