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Brief development for the design of a Buddhist temple within a Chinese garden in a new settlement in Suzhou, China.


  • the garden

    the buddhist temple will become part of a cultural centre, which consists of an art gallery and a library. the three buildings will be located within a large, carefully landscaped garden, which relates back to suzhous infamous gardens. the designers of the three buildings will work closely together to design the garden, creating a strong relationship with one another.

  • traditional chinese garden

    largest garden in China: the humble administrators garden in suzhou - 51,950m2, with 48 structuresseries of perfectly composed and framed glimpses of sceneryclassically surrounded by a wall, which serves as a backdrop for flowers and treeswater pond - centre with many structures arranged arround itcentral building is usually a library connected by galleries with other pavillions which serve as observation points of the garden features

  • potential site for temple

  • chosen site for garden

  • garden layout concept

    entrance to the north-east of site from the main canal running east to westgarden zoned by circles, each with its own unique character which reflects traditional chinese gardensoverlapping circles allowing for transitional spaces between each areahierarchy of spaces - spaces become quieter, landscaping becomes denser towards the lake. this also reflects the hierarchy of spaces on the larger scale of the masterplan

  • potential location of each project with the possibility of a future museum project

    garden layout concept

  • garden layout concept

    main path snaking through the site from entrance to temple, connecting all the buildings togethersecondary paths and various streams to be introduced as design develops further

  • temple location / context




    university campus / residential blocks

    commercial metro stop


    taihu lake main canal

  • precedent

    water-moon monastery | artech architects | taipai, taiwansite area: 27,936 sqmThe reflections on the 80-meter long lotus pond of the over-sized colonnades and the flowing golden drapes in between create a scene of illusory quality. Using architectural concrete as the main material, the design reduces the color and form to a minimum, conveying the spirit of Zen Buddhism.

  • overall temple concept