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    A Tuckahoe PTA Cultural Arts Presentation*

    Child friendly “Highlights of

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art” private TUFSD


    When: Sunday, March 22, 2020 Times: 10:30am (grade 3rd and up) and 1:30pm (recommended 5th grade and up) Cost: $15/person Where: The Metropolitan Museum of Art; 1000 5th Avenue, Manhattan For more information, visit Questions:

    Tour led by Cottle parent Marisa Jaffe, who holds degrees in Art History, Classical Archeology and

    Egyptology from the University of Michigan, and a master’s degree in Museum & Art Education from Harvard University. Marisa has worked in the education departments of prominent museums, and now

    brings her passion to schools and libraries through hands-on workshops, as well as provides private client tours at The Metropolitan Museum.

    *African Art * Modern Art * French Period Rooms * Roman


    Advance tickets required & limited availability: Signup is order checks are received (no email orders). 25 person limit per tour (museum guidelines)

    Please return to child’s teacher (Cottle) or main office (MS/HS) in envelope marked “PTA/Met Museum,” with check and sign-up form, by Monday, March 16th. I WOULD LIKE TICKETS TO: The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Sunday, March 22 _________ # of Children’s Tickets _____________Grades of children _________ # of Adult Tickets __________________________________________ First and Last Name of Parent Tour times (note order of preference) _______ 10:30am _______ 1:30pm Parent’s email address ___________________________________________________________ PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO TUCKAHOE PTA. Please wear orange clothing!

    *Cultural Arts Series: Join other Tuckahoe families at some of New York’s great cultural institutions. Discounted tickets offered, at cost, to participants.*


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