chemistry lab safety rules (r80-r81)

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Chemistry Lab Safety Rules (R80-R81). Mrs. Mansberger. Location of Safety Equipment. Fire extinguisher - side wall above computers Eye wash - back center sink Goggle cabinet - back, left side corner along wall There is no safety shower, safety blanket, or fume hood in room 208. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Chemistry Lab Safety Rules (R80-R81)

Mrs. MansbergerChemistry Lab Safety Rules(R80-R81)

Location of Safety EquipmentFire extinguisher- side wall above computersEye wash- back center sink Goggle cabinet- back, left side corner along wallThere is no safety shower, safety blanket, or fume hood in room 208.Use Fire ExtinguisherPull the pinSqueeze the handleSweep at the base of the flame

Wear safety goggles at all timesEyeglasses provide very little protectionWhen wearing contacts, make sure to wear non-vented protective goggles.

Tell the teacher immediately if you:Have asthma (need to watch for breathing issues)Develop a headacheGet an itchy feeling on your skinNotice any equipment does not work

If a substance comes in contact with your skin or you burn yourself:Wash it off with plenty of waterThen let the teacher know

Chemical Spill on the TableFlood it with water Push it into the sink with a paper towelThrow the paper towel in the trash can**Get the teacher if highly caustic substance or if you are uncomfortable cleaning up yourself. Chemical Spill on the FloorAbsorb the liquid with kitty litterSweep it up with a hand broom and dust pan

If you get a small cut from glassware:Let it bleed for a short amount of timeWash with plenty of waterTell the teacher what happened

Flammable materialShould never be used near an open flame!

When heating a test tube:Always point the open end away from other people.

Caustic vs. CorrosiveCaustic- to eat away at skinCorrosive- to eat away at metal

To smell something in the labAlways waft some of the odor towards your nose with your handNever inhale deeply

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