cheminform abstract: synthesis and properties of halogen-containing allyl series epoxy-compounds

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    34 - 125Synthesis and Properties of Halogen-Containing Allyl Series Epoxy-Compounds. Reaction of allylic alcohol (I) with epichlorohydrin providesaccess to epoxide (III) containing a 2-haloallyl substituent. On reaction withKOH, dehydrohalogenation proceeds at the allylic residue to furnish an epoxidecontaining an tethered ethynyl residue (VII), while the reactions with amine(IV) and thiourea take place at the epoxide ring. A second synthetic access tohalogen-substituted allylepoxides [e.g. (X)] is presented, involving the reactionof ,-dihaloaldehyde (VIII) with allylmagnesium bromide. (VELIYEV,M. G.; SHATIROVA, M. I.; ASKEROV, O. V.; GAKHRAMANOV, R. F.;Izv. Vyssh. Uchebn. Zaved., Khim. Khim. Tekhnol. 44 (2001) 1, 59-62; Inst.polimer. mater. Akad. nauk Azerb., Sumgait 373204, Azerbaijan; RU)