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Interview with Devon surfer Greg Norman for Stash Magazine


  • Chasing WavesTheres nothing more us ladies here at Stash love than a hot guy. But a hot guy that can surf is always a plus.

    Greg Norman, 26 from Devon, is one of Britains top Long boarders ranking in last years top ten division. I caught up with him as he came back from another surf adventure this time from Taiwan.

    Written by Suzanna King Photographs by Zac Gibson

  • Having not spoken to Greg in quite some time due to his recent gallivanting, we obviously started off

    with the formalities of asking after one anothers health, family etc. Once this was out of the way I

    was ready to get some of the juicy gossip of what his surfing career has been like.

    Being a bred Devonian he explained to me what it was like growing up and learning to surfing around

    the southern coastline, I brought myself a board and a wetsuit and just got stuck in and living in

    North Devon it just seemed natural to get in the sea. He carried on with mentioning some of the

    errors wannabe surfers make when theyre starting out. As to not look like a fool in front of the locals

    when I next hit the waves, I quickly noted them down.

    He reminded me of the days when surfing wasnt his priority when it came to sports and that he was

    an avid cross- country lover when he was younger. Recalling the ruthless training, how monotonous

    it becomes after a while and how with surfing your practice for a competition is always going to be

    different as your never really know what wave your going to end up getting, Thats what I love

    about surfing, every wave is different. There is so much variety in North Devon alone. I love heading

    to places I have never been to before and surfing a wave for the first time. I nodded agreeing fully

    with him remembering the times Ive stood on the side of the beach chucking up streams of salt water

    whilst hot surfers boys stand and

    laugh. Beautiful, I know.

    After my little moment of reminiscing

    the conversation moved swiftly over

    to the fact that recently he has spent

    a large amount of time traveling and

    scouting out some perfect waves;

    The boat trip in the Maldives earlier

    this year was insane. There are so

    many flawless waves; no need for a


    wetsuit and the food was amazing. I have a great group of friends, who I surf with, travel with and

    surf against in comps. Nine of us have just booked a boat in the Maldives next summer, there should

    be heaps of banter and some epic waves. In my mind I saw a lads on tour situation but Greg was

    quick to set me straight. Making sure I knew that it was more about how many waves they could

    grab, not how many numbers A surf trip is primarily a surf trip. If there are waves we will always be

    up at first light and surf till our arms fall off. Although one trip a few years back a group of us went

    STASH P.57

  • to Feutreventura, after a couple days of good surf

    Mother Nature decided to make the ocean go flat.

    We therefore resorted to hitting up all the bars,

    clubs and generally being

    a standard group of young

    Brit tourists.

    We continued to chat

    with the conversation

    flowing from one topic

    to the next. He briefly

    mentions how he once

    surfed the same set as

    World Longboarding champion Taylor Jensen,

    surfing the tourist season in Devon, how he finds

    surfing strangely addictive and how taking his

    adorable boxer puppy out on walks is part of his

    training regime. Its a hard life isnt it?

    But not all of the surfing lifestyle is glittering

    beaches and perfect set ups. He started to tell me

    about some of the darker sides of the surfing that

    he has experienced. Including watching a rogue

    triple overhead bomb

    set land on his head,

    snapping his board.

    Rather him than me

    thats for sure, I had

    a sketchy over the

    falls wipe out that did

    involve smashing my

    kidney so hard that

    I had blood in my piss! Again all I could think

    was I was glad it wasnt me.

    I asked him what the locals were like when

    surfing, as I always heard some rather peculiar

    stories from other surfing buddies of mine, Its

    pretty laid back at home to be honest, if you take

    I love heading to places I have never

    been to before and surfing


    too many waves, snake or drop in, you are gonna get a bad name for yourself, but acts of violence are

    few and far between. Saying that, I did witness a Dutch guy get ordered out the water in Morocco

    where a young angry local with a golf club then attacked him. It was pretty full on, especially as this

    was on a busy beach in front of loads of people. I swiftly noted to not piss off the local in Morocco

    next time I fancied catching a set.

    The look of shock on my face meant the conversation was promptly changed to the future aspects of

    his career. After suffering a bad ankle injury I was unsure whether to ask Greg how far ahead in the

    game he saw himself but with competition season over he reassured me hed have his mojo back in time

    for next season, Personally I want to continue what Im doing, surfing heaps, travelling to amazing

    destinations and having fun with my mates. Id love to land a major title and hopefully compete in a

    few more European events. He explained that he was lucky enough that his boss is pretty supportive

    of his surfing, which allows him to squeeze in some dawn sessions and a few after work but with

    winter coming the lack of daylight is obviously going to make that harder. I decided from this to

    ask him the same question everyone gets asked when at an interview, where do you see yourself in a

    year? In a perfect world, Id have won the lottery and be getting barreled off my nuts somewhere in

    Indonesia. Fair play to the lad, Id want the same but maybe with fewer nuts.

    For more info check out:

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