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Name: The tell-tale heart

EventOne night the narrator entered the room of the old man and a noise woke to the old man so the narrator drowned to him with a pillow and then cut off his head, his arms and his legs to dispose of the body.Then he buried the body under the floor in the house.EventAfter having committed the crime the police arrived in the narrator's house because a neighbor had heard a strange noise and he called. the narrator said that he had screamed because he had a nightmare but he said that all was well and he invited them to follow. For several minutes they were talking and laughing but the narrator for his madness and remorse ends confessing truth and shows the corpse to the policeCharacterTHE NARRATOREventThe old man's eye irritated to the character for this reason each night he entered in his room to try to kill him, but as the eye was closed he returned to his room without committing any crime.He did this for seven nights.EventThe character in this case the same narrator begins the story saying no he's crazy and that starting the history he'll show us his sanity.