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The Tell Tale Heart

True or falseSuspense is when you get nervous and worried.

Resident Evil, Dead Space, and FEAR are all suspense games.

Freddy Kruger, Inception, and The Dark Knight are all suspense movies.True or false, what is your answer????

QuestionsWhat is the name of the author of the story?

How was his life?

Capital PunishmentWhat is capital punishment?

Do you think it is a justifiable act?

ReviewAre you prepared? Feel free to ask questions!!!

Review. What did you learned today? What dont you understand?

Story Analysis: Main CharacterHow does the main character feels, thinks, and acts?

The narrator has a disease. true or false

Story AnalysisWhat problem did the narrator had with the old man?

Setting of the StoryWhere do you think the story takes place?

What are the other possible settings where the story could have taken place? Name some.

Important Events in the Story: Name them in order___The narrator plans his scheme to kill the old man.

___The narrator tears up the plank and reveals the dead body.

___The police arrives at the door to investigate the place.

___A man with a disease has an inconvenient with the eye of an old man.

___The narrator kills the old man and hides his body.