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SC.Voicechanger is designed for entertainment and gives a subscriber an ability to change his or her voice online. That provides the subscriber with a wide range of ways to play jokes on friends. Those installations that Svyazcom has already done show penetration up to 5-7% among subscribers and therefore bring network operators high extra income.


  • 1. Krasnoyarsk, 2014SC.VoiceChangerSubscribers voice change in real time

2. SC.VoiceChanger Table of Contents1.Purpose2.Basic Service Scenario3.Voice Samples4.Platform Integration Scheme5.Mobile Application6.Advantages7.Typical Configuration8.Deployment History9.Cooperation 3. SC.VoiceChanger PurposeSubscriber ASubscriber BThe service can be used for calls to ANY mobile network operatorsSC.VoiceChangerThe service allows changing the voice beyond recognition, opening a wide range of opportunities for pranks 4. SC.VoiceChanger Basic Service ScenarioSubscriber A dials the recipient using a special prefix Example: 0616#7, where 7 is the Subscriber s numberAfter that, an IVR welcome menu containing the list of available voices is played back to subscriber AThe caller may either select the required voice from the list immediately, or switch to the voice demo modeAfter selecting the voice, connection is established with subscriber, who receives the call,with the voice of subscriber A changed in real time123Subscriber ASubscriber BVoiceChanger 5. SC.VoiceChanger Voice Samples The demo mode offered in the IVR menu demonstrates the sample voice effects2.Male voice7.Cartoon1.Villain5.Helium voice6.Female voice3.ChipmunkYou can listen to the voice demo by clicking the respective image8.Alien4.Echo9.Dragon 6. SC.VoiceChanger Platform Integration SchemeEasy integration into any billing systemsISUP or SIP for voice transferWith ISUP, E1 or SIGTRAN channels are used 7. Ready-to-use mobile application to increase revenue from the serviceWorks under all of the most popular operating systems and allows using the service for a quick and easy prank with your friendsThe application style can be designed according to the customers corporate styleSC.VoiceChanger Mobile Application 8. Regular voice effect updates considering calendar holidaysand eventsUse of background noises to simulate a call from the street, airport, bar, disco, etc.Good scalabilitySupport for bilateral communication with voices changedUse of non-standard integration techniquesaccording to the customers individual requirementsSC.VoiceChanger Advantages 9. From the hardware standpoint, the platform consists of HP Proliant Gen 8 class serversSC.VoiceChanger ConfigurationIn the minimum configuration, the system is installed on 2 dedicated servers. The servers are connected into a fail-safe cluster. Failure of a single node does not cause the provision of services to be stopped or significantly delayed.MasterSlaveClusterSoftware:Operating system Red Hat Enterprise LinuxDatabase Oracle Database 11g 10. SC.VoiceChanger Deployment HistoryDecemberOctoberAugust2012(Russia, former Rostelecom)(Russia, Siberian Federal District)(Kazakhstan)2014 (Russia, All Regions) 11. SC.VoiceChanger CooperationMNOs costs of hardwareand VoiceChanger platform5050%= 0Business model Revenue sharing 12. tel./fax: +7 (391) 227-74-03www.svyazcom.rufrom SvyazcomVoiceChanger


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