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Connecticut College Insights 2011

Connecticut College

Annual Fund Volunteer WorkshopCo-start1The Campaign

Launched October 2008 and ends June 2013$200 million goal$196 million raisedCapital Projects: Capital projects includes the renewal of campus infrastructure. There are 95 building on the campus- half of them historic structures more than 50 years old- and a 750-acre Arboretum. Examples of capital projects would be the new fitness center, top-to-bottom renovations of Johnson and Hamilton dorms, the renovated classrooms and common rooms around campus, and the new science building. Its not yet public yet, but the college is also planning on doing a complete renovation of the library before the end of the campaign as well. In addition, someone may make a capital gift to the college to enhance a certain department or program. These are budget enhancing gifts. (Know the solid answer about difference btw. budget supporting and budget enhancing and why budget supporting is better.)

Annual FundIts budget supporting, basically meaning, its money that is needed to operate the college and is used right away

In Summary:Endowment= futureCapital= enhancementAnnual Fund= operating budget2Community of Donors(471 donors = $254,734, 527 donors = $694,526)

3Why make a gift to Connecticut College?

4Key Statistics

5Making Up the Difference

6Tuition Coverage Amongst our Peer Schools(With the costs of colleges today, some people may be shocked to hear that only 83% of Conns comprehensive fee covers the cost of a students education. Well, this is not a unique statistic to Conn. In fact, the comprehensive fees of practically every college and university in the nation do not completely cover the education or operating budget. Every school is depending on alumni donations, grants from corporations and foundations and other sorts of funding. In the graph you can see how Conns coverage compares to some of our peer schools. In most cases, besides Trinity, our tuition dollars go further than other schools in our ranking.

Comprehensive Costs of Peer Schools:Bates: $55,300Colgate: $55,570Conn: $54,970Hamilton: $53,470Trinity: $55,450

In terms of tuition costs, there is a $2,000 difference between the highest and lowest comprehensive fees from this list. Despite what you may have heard through the news, Conn is not #1 most expensive college in the nation. In this list alone, theyre 2nd to lowest.

Has anyone heard about that Newsweek report that lists Conn as 1st or 2nd on the list of most expensive colleges? Its something a classmates may bring up when you call them for a gift. Well, this report is inaccurate, as its comparing apples to oranges. Some of the colleges on that list are being compared based only on their tuition fees, whereas schools like Bates and Conn are being compared based on their comprehensive fees. The difference between Conns comprehensive fee and tuition is $10,980- big difference. It also does not take into account financial aid coverage.)7

Different Areas of GivingAreas of Greatest NeedFaculty SupportCampus Renewal LibrarySustainability EffortsFinancial AidResidential EducationScience EducationInternationalization 8

Areas of Giving: Financial Aid50% of enrolled Connecticut College students receive aid

Total of financial awards given in 2011-2012: over $31.1 million

Majority of the budget is in the form of grants, which do not have to be paid back 9Talking Points: Whats New on Campus & in the Community

President Higdon announced he plans to retire from the presidency at the end of 2013.Talking Points: Whats New on Campus & in the Community

11Talking Points: Whats New on Campus & in the Community

Talking Points: Whats New on Campus & in the Community

Talking Points: Whats New on Campus & in the Community

Talking Points: Whats New on Campus & in the CommunityCC to share $4.7 million grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation with Middlebury College and Williams College to increase efforts to diversify faculty.College is recognized as a top Fulbright producer by the Chronicle of Higher Education.Newsweek rated our College #10 in the country for most beautiful schools.Why Make the Gift or Pledge Early?Fiscal year runs from July 1st-June 30th Saves the College money and resources

16Being a VolunteerHeres what the rest of the year looks like:

Youre set for January and February..MARCH MANIA is coming up!!! This is an extremely important month as a volunteer. Bring in as many gifts as possible to raise participation and win the competition against our peer NESCAC schools. Help plan a Conn fundraising event in Boston, New York, or DC with other GOLD volunteers. Well discuss more later.Have a small breather for the few weeks following March Mania. Then focus our attention on getting the people who have not yet given in April, May and June. The question Id like to pose for you is:


18Volunteers Play a Critical Role


Volunteering is Easy and We are Here to Help

20Class Google Docs

21How to Make a GiftOnline:

Mail: Connecticut College Annual Fund Becker House 270 Mohegan Ave. New London, CT 06320

Over the Phone: 800-888-7549 ex. 2413 Sam


Q & A23


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