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  • Pet Design Projects

  • Despre companieWe are optimistic. Weve always search for opportunities where others faced threats or weaknesses. We are convinced that if youre going through a rough time, the only option is to go up. We were lucky enough to be guided by exceptional people. People that inspire. People who thought that dreaming is just as important as taking action and that winners take their power from passion and emotions.

    Innovation is part of our day to day thinking. We are aware that the first thing in marketing is to win the attention. But once you get the attention, you must prove you deserve it. We are honest, professional and passionate graphic designers who like to exceed client s expectations. We are always challenging our selfs in order to achieve more, to create works with vision and real insight.

    Our expertise is in the fields of Advertising, Corporate Identity / Branding, and Print. Our aim to is to provide the best service possible and to create an atmosphere of confidence and communication with our clients.


  • Logos

    The corporative sign, or logo, is one of the most valuable assets of a company. Simple and efficient, the logo must be designed in order to be easily recognize by the current or potential clients.

    The logo must be surrounded by clear space, also known as vital space to the logo. This insures a rapid recognition of the logotype and increases impact. The vital space is the distance between the logo and the other elements surrounding the logo such as: texts, images, or cutting edges of the printable materials.


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  • Print

    We can design any printed material, which includes leaflets, flyers, brochures, presentation folders, catalogs, posters, etc.

    A properly developed and designed message (shape, color, format, texture, and other physical characteristics have been duly considered) can have a deep and lasting effect on the target audience.

    The printed word has a high degree of acceptance, credibility, and prestige. Printed matter is unique in that it can be passed from person to person without distortion. It allows for the reinforcing use of photographs and graphic illustrations which can be understood by everyone. It can be reread for reinforcement. Complex and lengthy material can be explained in detail.


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  • Packaging


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