Carpet Cleaning – The Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning

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1. Carpet Cleaning TheBenefits of CarpetCleaning 2. Carpet cleaning is an important part of regularhome maintenance. You should have this jobperformed at least once a year. In high traffichomes, its best to have the carpets cleanedevery six months. The best method for cleaningcarpets is hot water extraction, also known assteam cleaning. This method for cleaning yourcarpet uses extremely hot water to clean thecarpet fibers. One of the biggest benefits of thistype of cleaning is that the heat will kill off manymicroorganisms that other cleaning methods miss.Your carpet could be harboring dust mites, germs,bacteria, mold, and mildew. 3. Everyday wear and tear can take a big toll onyour carpets. Pounds of dirt and debris can buildup between the fibers. Dirty carpets are an invitinghome for a lot of unwelcome guests. If you have aflea infestation, ants, or other insect problems,youll find that they can hide very efficiently in thecarpets. An annual carpet cleaning will help getrid of unpleasant debris hiding in the carpet. Tokeep your carpet in top shape betweencleanings, you should vacuum twice a week. Ifyou have pets and small children, you may evenwant to vacuum daily. 4. To get the most out of your carpet cleaning, youshould pick up and move as much furniture aspossible. When the furniture is out of the way, thehot water extraction will help to release crampedfibers that have been crushed by furniture legs.This will give you a fresh clean start. Avoid walkingon your newly cleaned carpet before its dry. Ifyou must return home and retrieve something,remove your shoes and walk lightly. Never replacefurniture and other large items before the carpetshave dried completely. Keep pets out of thehome while carpets are being cleaned as well. 5. Regularly scheduling a carpet cleaning will helpextend the life of your carpet by years. To helpyou remember your annual home maintenancetasks, make a list on your calendar and schedulethem all for one spring cleaning month each year.In addition to carpet cleanings, you should alsoperform these jobs each year. Have your heating and cooling units cleanedby a professional air duct cleaning company likeBetter Air Chicago to keep them at top efficiency Have your dryer vents cleaned to get rid ofbuildup and prevent dryer fires Clean the outside of your windows Clean the exterior of your home