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  • can you teach an old doc

    new tricks?

    Greg Matthews March 5, 2015



  • Contents are proprietary and confidential.

    Doctors lead the news in health

    A relatively unknown pediatrician in SD tweeted the story 16 hours before the department of health announcement

    She was subsequently interviewed by Liz Szabo of USA Today

  • Contents are proprietary and confidential.

    Doctors police the news in health

    When the Toronto Star ran a misleading piece about the dangers of the HPV vaccine, Dr. Jen Gunter led the charge to refute it & was joined by hundreds more doctors

    The Star first posted a disclaimer, then changed the title, then retracted the post altogether

  • 61% of physicians consult social media weekly for medical information

    There is a new KOL emerging. Physicians are no longer just prescribers. They are the media.

    The 1st and only database in the world to map physicians digital footprint to their national physician registry

    The MDigitalLife dataset

    Understanding, Engaging and Activating physicians in the digital age

    Connects online and offline behavior such as referral patterns, prescribing

    history & Medicare billing

    510,494 physician digital footprints

    mapped as of March 3, 2015

    Debuted at the Mayo Clinic in October 2012

  • Contents are proprietary and confidential.

    MDigitalLife physicians are in 128 countries

  • Understanding the health ecosystem





    Gov. / NGO

    Advocacy Orgs.

    TA Ecosystem

    Mastery of a therapeutic area = mastery of the ecosystem for the disease area

    MDs, providers, patients and other influencers shape and play off each other

    The Online Global Health Ecosystem will capture all key influencers involved in each therapeutic area conversation.

    These conversations & patterns can be monitored over time, in real time

  • Contents are proprietary and confidential.

    Understanding the online ecosystem by condition

    Global breast cancer ecosystem Tracks key stakeholder groups:

    Doctors (US & ExUS) Journalists & media outlets Advocacy organizations Individual patients & advocates Industry

    This maps all handles mentioned at least 5x by others in the ecosystem over 1st 6 weeks in 2015

    22,000 tweets from 2,700+ people

  • Patients want access and control

    over their health

    50% of Patient Stem Cell Conversation about

    treatment and access

    Media focuses on controversy 3x more than


    Powered by

    Stem Cells

  • Doctors 35.85% Patients 1.89% Advocacy 0%

    Media Outlets 49.06% Journalists 7.55% Industry 5.66%

    Understanding the Brain Conversation

    Top Shared Article from Media:

    Artificial Intelligence Raises New Hope for

    Cancer Patients

    Top Shared Article from Doctors:

    Artificial Intelligence Is Now Telling Doctors How To

    Treat You

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    2011 2012 2013 2014

    as a scientific discipline

    as a means to understand my health

    Doctors focus on genetics 2.4 x more than


    Media focuses on genetics 2.1 x more Than Patients Doctors Patients Media

    Powered by

    Genetics Conversation Growth


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