can dream style vacation club lead to success?

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DESCRIPTION This document addresses whether or not Dream Style Vacation Club can bring you success.


  • 1. Dwayne Golden The Cycle Monster


  • Realize That You Have To Be Marketed
  • Use The Internet To Your Advantage
  • Find Out What Problem Your Companys Product Solves
  • Find Out What Problems You Can Solve
  • Give The People What They Want 3.

  • You Can Reach People Outside of Your Circle
  • You Dont Have To Chase Friends and Family
  • You Can Make Good Use of Your Time
  • You Must Have a Good System 4.

  • Think Of Yourself As Wal-Mart and Dream Style Vacations is One Product
  • You Must Always Be Learning and Growing
  • You Must Teach Everything You Know
  • You Must Take What You Learn and Make It What You Know 5.

  • Dont just try to be relevant for your companys name.
  • Nobody Is Interested in your product
  • People Are Interested In their Problems
  • Solve Their Problems With Your Companys Product 6.

  • What Pain Is Your Potential Customer Experiencing
  • Identify With That Pain
  • Tell Them What You Have Accomplished That will Help them Solve Their Pain
  • Provide Proof 7.

  • Find Out What People Are Searching For
  • Figure Out Whether You Or Your Company Is the Biggest Solution
  • Place Yourself Where You Can Be Found On the Internet
  • Give and Sell Them Things They Can Use To Solve Their Pain and Problem. 8.

  • Visit:
  • And You Will Have Success In The Dream Style Vacation Club