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Discover the advantage of working with Andrew Wilson, Realtor and Architect, as your buyer's agent during your search for real estate on Long Island and Queens, New York. Search the Long Island MLS like a pro. Find your dream home today.


  • 1. TheReal Estate . comBuyers Advantage

2. I specialize in helping people find their dream homes in Queens and Long Island. I utilize technology to my clients advantage. I am an architect as well as a Realtor. [ 1016 ]Architecture, Inc. 3. Most Home Buyers Do It The Hard Way

  • Without full representation they:
    • Pay too much for the house
    • Have lots of unnecessary stress
    • Lack favorable terms
    • Take on too much work themselves
    • Miss opportunities that could otherwise work

4. Step 1: Professional Consultation

  • In Finding Your Dream Home Well Consider:
  • Bedrooms/Baths
  • Kitchen
  • Neighborhood/Schools
  • Basement and Garage
  • Other amenities important to you
  • Hidden Opportunities

5. Professional Consultation

  • Well Consider Your Overall Situation:
  • Do you have a home to sell?
    • What net proceeds can you expect?
  • When best to buy?
    • When do you need to close?
  • Motivations for moving?
    • When do you need to move?
  • What can I do to insure your success?

6. Internet Home Search:You get control

  • Full service:
    • I access the Multiple Listing Service on your behalf
    • IDX-Search over 1 million homes; fully guided
  • Independent searches:
    • Client generated Web searches powered by Listing Book
    • Search the MLS like an agent

Get the right information in your hands as soon as possible.Act on that information with confidence. 7. As A Pre-Approved Buyer You Will

  • Have a strong position for negotiation
  • Beat other, less-prepared buyers
  • Get the lowest price
  • Receive the best terms
  • Receive the most seller concessions
  • Ill get you set with LendingTree Loans or one of my other recommended brokers

8. Step 4: Home Showings

  • Personalized showings on the homes you want to see listed by any real estate company
  • Access to exclusive listings (with representation)
  • I will show you the homes and opportunities that interest you at a time that is convenient to you

9. Step 5: Presenting Offers

  • We will think through and prepare the offer together.
  • I will present the offer to the seller on your behalf.
  • I will negotiate all the terms of the offer in your best interests for the most favorable outcome for you.

10. These Alone Could Save You Thousands of Dollars

  • Discount Points
  • Home Warranty
  • Home Repairs
  • Appliances and other personal property

Who will pay for these? Everythings negotiable. 11. Step 6: Closing Coordination

  • Termite inspection
  • Title insurance
  • Property survey
  • Home inspections

I can arrange these for you. 12. Were pleased to tell you that all these services are will be paid by the seller and represent no cash out of your pocket. All I ask is a chanceto serve you. Our agreement: If you buy a home listed with a real estate agent, a For Sale by Owner, or a builder, give me a chance to write and present the offer as your real estate buyers agent . REALTOR -- A registered collective membership mark that identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS and Subscribes to its strict Code of Ethics. 13. Andrew C. Wilson

  • Specializing in Queens and Long Island residential real estate.
  • Licensed Real Estate Salesperson and Licensed Architect in New York.
  • Contact me today:[email_address]
  • MyListingBookPage : Search like a pro