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Bus100: Building Software Products From Strategy to Sales. Web Marketing and Advertising Jon Kaiser Digital Marketing Strategy, Analysis and Training 2008 Co-President, Bay Area Interactive Group (SFBIG) Tony Pribyl VP Sales, Technorati.com. Agenda. Introductions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Bus100: Building Software ProductsFrom Strategy to SalesWeb Marketing and Advertising

    Jon Kaiser Digital Marketing Strategy, Analysis and Training 2008 Co-President, Bay Area Interactive Group (SFBIG)Tony Pribyl VP Sales, Technorati.com

  • AgendaIntroductionsYour goals and the communications landscape Identifying appropriate audience and media targetsWhat you can expect from media providersCampaign measurement and optimizationCRMCase StudiesFor Further Study

  • First: Establish Clear GoalsBusiness GoalsIncrease revenue to $xxMM, or by Y%Increase usage and success of products through subscription and online content productsCampaign GoalsDecrease customer churn rate by ZZ%, Acquire AA new customersEstablish performance benchmarks and gain better understanding of audience to positively impact the success of future campaignsThe development of a campaign strategy is driven by specific business, campaign and learning goals as detailed belowLearning GoalsTarget: What segmentation data points enable better targeting, response and conversion? (e.g. demography, income, geography, etc.)? Channel: Which channel is most efficient and effective at generating revenue? How can the channels work more effectively together?Product: What product types or features appeal to which segments? Purchase: What is the preferred purchase enviornment by which segment (online vs in-store vs bundled w/other products)?Creative/messaging: Which creative message/offer drives the highest response/most qualified responders?How do current fulfillment channels impact acquisition through external channels?Determine thresholds for success in each channel over time

  • The driving principlesSpend Smart (money, time and energy)Drive Profitable ResultsReplicate and Scale SuccessEvery communication vehicle has a focused roleClearly define success for each vehicle and measure against itGenerate insights that enable you to adapt and improve results

  • *Your CustomerThe marketing comms landscapeYOUResearch: 3rd party, internal data

  • Identifying Appropriate Audience and Media Targets

  • Define, Size and Prioritize Who is your best customer?Demography, Behaviors/Interests, GeographyHow large is the opportunity?Target universe sizeWhere do you have access to them?What do they consumeCan you effectively reach them and get them to do what you want them to do at an efficient cost?Within all possible channels, which give you the greatest access with greatest opportunity for success?

  • A45-54Retired or in peak careerSeek advice from othersMost brand loyal23% upload photos online11% download software online37% purchase software at retailM35-44HHI $50k+Have children at homeActive in digital photography, musicWilling to try new brandsPreferred channel: OnlineW25-44Mean age of 31Impulsive online buyersValue drivenConcerned about securityPreferred channel: ISP/OEMM25-34Highly educated (80% college grads)HHI $100k+ Online primary source of newsKey influencers69% download software onlineMature and FriskySmall Biz OwnerWired MomsEarliest Adopters 22%32%31%11%Customer SegmentationWho are you key target audience segments? What are their key characteristics and behaviors? What makes you relevant to them?

  • Channel Selection CriteriaTargetability/ Target CompositionMedia UsageCost Efficiency/ROIHigher response will be driven by using channels whose audience best aligns with the TechNet audienceChannels which are able to reach the TechNet target without wasting media on less desirable/responsive audiences will generate higher ROI Reaching the target audience requires focusing on channels that the audience uses frequentlyThe prospecting campaigns objectives are to drive a maximum volume of subscriptions at minimum costCriteriaRationaleRoll-out PotentialIn order for benchmarks and learning to contribute to long-term TechNet business goals, channels which exhibit scalable roll-out potential will be utilizedThe following details rationale behind the choices for channel selection criteria

    Speed to MarketIn order to achieve the short term TechNet goals, channels which allow for a fast campaign implementation will be prioritized

  • Overall Media ApproachEvaluate all considered channels against specific criteria WebE-mailWirelessDMOTMMagazineNewsPRadioChannelTVEventsSelectionCriteria= 0%= 25%= 50%= 75%= 100%PotentialKeyCost Efficiency/ ROITargetability/ CompositionScalable for RolloutMedia UsageTime To Market

  • Other factors in media selectionOutputsInputsPrimary Strategic ConsiderationsMedia Research Buy Type/Model Success MeasuresMedia Placement TypeCreative Delivery Objectives


    Target Audience

    Media Category/ Site Consideration

    Allocation Strategy

  • Research Tools

    Research & Tools

    Robust campaign management toolsLeading syndicated research studiesBest in class planning toolsCutting edge industry reports

  • Syndicated Research Plays a Critical RoleIdentify & JustifyDefine and refine target audience(s)Demography, geography, psychographic, behavior

    Understand how various media (categories/sites) connect with the targetReach, composition, time spent, audience duplication

    Track competitionSpend, sites, creative

  • These tools enable you to filter this down to a categorical strategy:

  • Ad Agency Environment

  • Ad Agency Structure/FunctionsCustomer InsightEver-increasing Role In Driving InsightsFunctional InsightAccountMgmtCreativeChannel Insight

  • What to expect from Media Providers

  • *Types of partners (I)What is a Portal?Online platform that offers an array of resources and services under one brand

    Pros of buying from a Portal:High reachPremium contentDepth of services, integrated ad buysHigh SOV against key aud segments

    Cons of buying from a Portal:CostCustomization difficult--inflexibleInventory shortages or long lead times


  • *Types of partners (II)Search

    Pros of buying search:Higher reachGreat return on investmentself fundingUser mindset to take actionTargeting is the name of the game

    Cons of buying search:Popular categories are priced relatively highHigh level of management/maintenanceNot the ideal platform for product introduction/association

    How do I buy search?Major players have regional representation; but large buys require assistanceHighly specialized compared to display buying; requires knowledge of many data-related and technical aspects

  • *Types of partners (III)Ad NetworksWhat is an ad network?A collection of online advertising inventoryComes in many difference forms, inventory can be found on: vertical sites, instant messaging, adware, emails, mobile, intl, etc.

    Pros of buying from an ad network:Highly efficient one buy can deliver substantial reach with targeting layerSame consumers as on premium sitesAttractive pricingTargeted channels and sites

    Cons of buying from an ad network:Non-transparency of site listQuality of network sites can be low or UGCLimitations to targeted channelsFew premium sites and integrated placements

    How do I buy from an ad network?Many have regional support

  • *Types of partners (IV)Publisher sitesWhat is a Publisher Site?Began as content-focused but has expanded to include any published site that is ad-supported

    Pros of buying from a publisher site:Higher Quality ContentBrand/Marquee NamesIntegrated SponsorshipsContextually relevant placements and extended networks

    Cons of buying from a publisher site:Higher costLack of reachLack of technology, targeting layer and campaign optimization

    How do I buy from a publisher site?Large publishers have regional sales contracts; for medium to small sites, you should expect phone sales and support

  • *Types of partners (V)Affiliates/Lead-Gen/Co-RegWhat are they?Affiliates: networks of smaller sitesLeadGen: specialists in acquiring real-time leads through own creative and landing pagesCo-Reg: piggy-back on anothers sign-up process

    Pros of buying from these companies:Quick way to generate a lead dbOften vertically-focused (mortgage, auto, education, travel)Turn-key solutions

    Cons of buying from them:May not know where ad will run (Quality?)Bombarding users can damage brandClick fraud (higher than industry average)

    How do I buy from them?Most work online from central organizations use websites for contact

  • *Types of Partners (VI)Email

    Pros of buying from these companies:High volumeUser experience catches people when they are engaged in emailPush vehicleTurnkey solutions (lists, distribution)

    Cons of buying email:User experience may be too invasive?List quality not sure where your message will goBlocking and low conversion rates

    How do I buy from them?Most work online from central organizations use websites for contact


    Who is the user?What specific kind?

    What are they looking to do?

    How do you do it ?

    Stanford Continuing Studies: Bus100 - Building Software Products4/3/08*KEY TAKEAWAY: One size does not fit all and Symantec will continue to deliver choice to consumers with a diverse set of product offerings

    Symantec has segmented the customer base. Each has a purchase preference. Some want best of breed, most want comprehensive protection. All are looking for protection assurance.Symantec current customer profile most resembles the Mature and Secure segment. Well continue to serve these consumers.We will focus is on Digital Families and Wired segments going forwardMust continue to deliver best of breed products for the wired segment.