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  • Budgeting ToolBrandon GanchChris GeorgePaul PerelloMike Schmidt

  • OVERVIEWGOAL: To design personal budgeting software for a 21-year old male with Autism that will help improve his money management skills.

  • Understanding AutismNeurological disorder affects brain functionImpacts development of brain in areas of social interaction and communication1.5 million Americans have AutismGrowing at a rate of 10-17%People with autism can learn and function productively and they show gains with appropriate education

  • Project CharacteristicsOur project requires extensive interaction with the user and clientThe main focus is satisfying the needs of our one end-user. Due to the fact that we have only one end-user, there will be a lot of customization (sound, scenarios, reading/math level)

  • Project CharacteristicsSpecifications at the beginning were limited, more free range in designThus, client specifications have developed over time through samples of our progress on the interface and its functions.First idea Create a tool that teachesSecond idea Create separate budgeting tool and educational game

  • End-User CharacteristicsTravel: Expedia.comDetails make realisticElevators, Tunnels, Buses

  • Project OutlineTool Simple budget trackerKeeping track of transactions

    Game Structured trip simulatorPlanning expenses

  • Project ProblemsProblem: How our tool would function2 options: solely track expensescreate actual budgetAfter consultation with the client, we decided some sort of budgeting was bestDecided on the simplest interfaceEnd-user will only see the current balance which may go up or down depending on the users type of transaction.

  • Project ProblemsProblem: Having MySQL and PHP run locallyWe initially decided to use MySQL as our database and PHP as our programming language (good interaction with Flash and MySQL)Easiest to run on web server (CS), since no worries about having MySQL and PHP locally

  • Project ProblemsAlso, can run on any machine with internet connectionConstraints: Security and Dial-up Modem on end-users systemThus, after consultations with our clients, we decided to explore local optionLearned that a Java program can read in Flash variables and then write to a text file

  • Project ProblemsAlso, Flash has the capability to read locally stored text filesSummary: Java replaced PHPtext files replaced MySQLFor our project, we decided text files should be sufficient back-end for the amount of data that will be saved

  • Use CasesWe have 2 use cases:End-user Use CaseAdmin Use CaseOur end-user use case will allow the user to document a transaction, save it to a back-end, clear the transaction, view a monthly reportOur admin use case will allow the administrator to view an admin manual, delete an entry, and reset the balance

  • End-User Use CaseField input date, type, amount, description and categoryUser will always see his current balanceError checking amount field, no negative or non-numeric characters will be allowedClear Entry all fields back to defaultSave Entry balance is updated; if drops below zero, no more expenditures allowed

  • End-User Use CaseGet Report The user will be able to choose a report from any monthCategorize report by category, type of transaction or by weekAble to print report at any timeAble to fill screen with an individual weekAble to view a vertical bar graph with respective report

  • Admin Use CaseView Admin ManualReset Balance The user may reset the balance to any number they wish (error checking on non-numeric characters)Delete Entry The user may delete any entry from the last 10 transactions made by the end-user by clicking on that entry

  • InterfacesEnd-user main interfaceView reports pop-up interfaceAdmin pop-up interfaceDelete entry interfaceError pop-up interface

  • ArchitectureRepositoryBuilt on the fact that we will be reading and writing to back-end text filesBoth administrator and end-user will be using and manipulating the same text filesInitial domain classes Debit entry, Credit entry, Monthly Report

  • Project LayoutReset Balance (admin), Save Entry (end-user), Delete Entry (admin) and Get Report (end-user) all overlap in utilizing back-end structureDraw broad layout on white board

  • Back-endText filesdatabase.txtbalance.txtlast10Entries.txtsortByID.txt

  • Back-endJava filesReset.exeSaveEntry.exeSaveBalance.exeDeleteEntry.exeSaveBalanceReset.exeGetReport.exe

  • Back-end Technical ProblemsDeleted text filesCorrupted entries in text files