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  • Buckstone Nursery Class Buckstone Nursery Class Ejournal Your childs learning portfolio
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  • Aims of the session Explain the purpose of PLPs Introduce the new Ejournals How you can access the Ejournals What you can expect to see Questions Opportunity to see examples of numeracy and literacy group activities
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  • PLP Personal Learning Portfolio A home / school partnership An ongoing record of your childs learning and development Planning of Next Steps Not a photo album Record of your childs significant progress in each area of CfE A recognition of the interests and wider achievements of the child A transition document for P1 reflecting the Early Level of CfE
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  • What are we doing now? Easy, Online Learning Journals
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  • What does this mean to you? The purpose of the portfolios havent changed since introducing Ejournals. Different - you can log in and see the latest observations that have been made and comment on them at anytime. The home achievement sheets will not be in the new format at this time and some of the all about me pages. We plan to introduce news time
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  • Newstime On a weekly basis we will share news/achievements from home Staff will also share things they have seen at this point We will make sure that at some point every child will have something mentioned If you complete the slips of paper and post in the box.
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  • How does it work
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  • Log in details Enter your user name and password Enter your pin number You will only be able to access information on your child
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  • What will you see when you log in
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  • Security Every account is set up on it's own sub-domain of yourlearningjournals.co.uk, meaning to login you will have to go to nurseryname.yourlearningjournals.co.uk. Each subdomain has its own TLS certificate. These let web browsers know that the site is protected by encryption to provide security. In addition to this every user account can only be access with 2 forms of authentication, a password and PIN number. Information taken from Learning Journals user manual
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  • Numeracy & Mathematics Bee Bot Measuring Puzzles ComparingShape
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  • Numeracy & Mathematics Identifying Number Number line Computer number games Counting
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  • Numeracy & Mathematics Focus Numeracy and mathematics group time Numbers all around us in and out of doors and exploring number sequences and quantities Through daily routines e.g. snack, line up Exploring time and seasons
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  • Number is fun! Numbers all around be a number spotter Writing numbers Using numbers Money, money, money Dont forget zero Helpful fingers
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  • Listening & Talking Role Play Problem Solving Whole class discussion Listening to and following instructions
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  • Reading and Writing Mark Making Scribing Identifying letters and sounds Independent writing
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  • Literacy Focus Literacy Group time Wow word of the week Book of the week Sound of the week Rhyme in all context
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  • Reading is fun! Sharing books Dont forget Nursery Rhymes Letters and sounds Not just books print all around us
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  • Writing is fun! All sorts of writing materials Drawing Be a good model let them share our writing What is writing? Handwriting plus being able to put ideas and information on paper What about spelling?
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  • Big Thank You Please spend some time looking at the literacy and numeracy resources that we use in nursery and at group time. Post its are available for you to give us your feedback on this session